9 spots to see at Malacca

Malaysia’s famous tourism slogan “Malaysia truly Asia” proved itself true when I traveled to this country. Many of the places I visited was able to move me, but it was Malacca that made the lasting impression. A town frozen in time inhabited by people equally interesting as the place itself; this is Malacca.

Strolling through the well-known Dutch Square.

Malacca has been included in the UNESCO world heritage sites since July 2008- which is an impressive feat if you ask me. Preserving this town and making sure it never leaves the list is truly an effort for the Malaysian authorities of Malacca. Everyone- locals and tourists alike- makes sure that the place preserves everything of what its left while adding improvements to boost the tourism of the area.

I enjoyed my stay here in Malacca. Just strolling through the town made me imagine of what its like to live back then. I captured the photo below while walking along the streets in Malacca. My historical amazement would have been perfect if not for the parked vehicles at the other side of the road. Haha.

There are a good number of activities and attractions here in Malacca. It’s a little disappointing though that we were only able to explore the town for about 5 hours. I am that type of person who loves to explore an area VERY thoroughly so our 5-hour exploration of Malacca is really not enough for me. Still, I enjoyed every bit of time we spent here. Below is a list of the places I visited (and recommend) in Malacca:

1) The Dutch Square

This is one of the drop off points when you board a bus going to Malacca. For me, this is the best place to drop off since most of the other attractions are a walking distance away from dutch square. If you do not fancy walking, you could always hire a rickshaw to drop you off at points of interests within the heritage site.

2) The Dutch Graveyard

I have seen cemeteries but this one really gave me the creeps. Cemeteries are eerie enough- so imagine an old cemetery with tombs dating as far as the 1500s. The Dutch graveyard is found around St. Paul’s hill (stop by St. Paul’s church while you’re at it) and is also a walking distance away from Dutch square. Just do not visit this graveyard when you are alone- even in broad daylight.

3) A famosa

The A famosa is what remains of the former Portuguese fortress built in Malacca. You would want to have a selfie with this famous landmark if you visit Malacca (I had one).

4) Jonker street

Jonker street at day time.

The Jonker street is famous for its night market- too bad we were not able to witness the nightly chaos in action. Our local tour guide also informed us that the night market is open only on weekends because heavy traffic always occur when the night market is open. If you really want to see the Jonker street at night, then make sure to plan your trip well. You might also consider staying in Malacca for at least 2 days if you want to get everything out of this town.

5) Babanyonya museum

The Babanyonyas belong to the elite and wealthy families of Malaysia back then. This museum will enrich your knowledge about the early settlers of Malaysia- their customs, traditions and way of living. The Babanyonya museum in Malacca is a branch of their original museum found in Penang. If you have no time to see their museum in Penang, then this one is a must see. Visiting the two museums is not a bad idea either. I have a post about this museum so be sure to check it if you are interested by clicking at the link: Into the house of the Babanyonyas.

6) The Malacca river Cruise

Because the boats are on maintenance HAHA

The Malacca river cruise should not be missed if you go to Malacca. The thing is, when we went here, the 3-day maintenance of the boats used for the cruise was conducted. It was devastating all the more when we were told that the 3-day maintenance is only conducted ONCE A YEAR. Still all smiles for the photo though. At least we have something to look forward to if we decide to come back here someday.

7) Malacca Naval Museum

Who does not want to have a photo with an enormous wooden ship at the background? The Naval museum of Malacca is surely a must visit if you want to know more about the trade history of Malacca and yes- the museum itself is inside the ship.

8) Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant

This restaurant is one of the first businesses established here in Malacca. The Famosa chicken rice ball is famous for its.. yeah, chicken rice balls. After that long tiring walk, make sure to have your fill in this restaurant. Note: the local tour guide himself told me that you’ll never complete your visit in Malacca if you did not try Famosa’s chicken rice ball.

9) Coronation Park

The Coronation park of Malacca features old trains, airplanes, and statues that are purposely placed there to be used as an epic subject for photographs (that’s my idea at least). You could literally strike a hundred poses with the objects here and have fun to your heart’s content.

Some of the photos of our trip at Malacca:

What I love most about traveling is that when I travel, time seems to move slower. Our 5-hour stay in Malacca felt like a day. I learned, seen, and experienced so much. I hope that through traveling, you may also experience the same.

Happy traveling, guys!

-Carlo, WHT


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  1. ejsna

    I cruised with Star Flyer twice from the shores of southern Thailand to Singapore. Malacca is one of our ports of call and I remember standing in front of that white gate you have in one of your photos. It was as white then as you have photographed! Love the “antiquity of the place. Happy travels!

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      Carlo Tuzon

      Yeah, if you are on an Asian cruise then chances are you’ll be able to have a stop here at Malacca. Maybe you had a chance to go to Penang too? Because when we went to Penang, we met a group of Europeans who are on a cruise. I’m glad that you were able to relive your memories of the place through my photos. 😊Thanks for stopping by, and happy travels to you too, my friend! 👍

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