How I spent a rainy day at Caramoan, Philippines.

Sun hanging across the vivid blue sky, calm waves occasionally touching the shore, beautiful white birds observing from above, and people strolling across the perfectly white sand. These things make up the ideal beach escapade. However, believe it or not, a rainy day spent at the beach is not so bad after all. Especially if that rainy day is spent at the Islands of Caramoan, Philippines.

Our journey…

The weather is clear and is conducive for a  day of relaxation at the beach while we are on our way to Caramoan. So, it was to our great disappointment when rain started pouring as soon as we got out of the room where we are staying. We considered the thought of waiting inside the room until the rain subsides at first. The rain showed no sign of subsiding moments later. We had no choice but to face the rainy weather if we wanted to make the most out of our stay in Caramoan. We availed the island hopping activity and rented a boat for about 1500 pesos (30$) to take us to the Islands. There are a number of Islands in Caramoan. Some famous Islands include: Matukad, Minalahos, Hunongan, Catanhawan, Cotivas, and Tayak. If you want to see all the places available for Island Hopping, check it here. 

Heading to the Islands…

The boat ride was brief, but refreshing. It was around 12 noon that time, which is supposed to be the hottest time of the day. Good thing the rain was there to withdraw the heat. Our clothes were already drenched in rain water, but we felt comfortable anyway. Slowly, even with the heavy pouring of rain,  the hesitation we had earlier started to become more like of an excitement as the boat approached the first Island.

Classic white sand and crystal clear water. Welcome to Caramoan.

Touch down…

There is a lagoon in Tayak Island which is only accessible if you are bold enough to climb a dangerously steep and pointy rock formation. Often, tourists are discouraged to climb the rock formation without the supervision of a well trained guide. Climbing it is one thing, but to climb it on a rainy day with an occasional lightning is another story. We climbed it anyway, but of course, with the help of a guide. Unfortunately, the weather is getting worse while we were climbing, so the guide prevented us from going down the Tayak lagoon. In the end, we were only able to take a picture of the lagoon from afar.

Yes, you would have to climb all the way up there to get to the lagoon.
Enjoying the climb.
The edges on those rocks are no joke. One slip can be disastrous.
The lagoon (body of water in the picture) can be seen as soon as you reach the top of the rock formation . The heavy rain and lightning prevented us from going down.

Island hopping would never be complete without the swim in the beach. It was comforting to feel that the temperature of the seawater is a lot warmer compared to the rainfall. The sun must have heated the ocean hot enough until noon, keeping its warmth despite the heavy rainfall in the afternoon. The ocean served as our blanket  from the chilly weather at the beach

Dive in!

Final Thoughts:

It was amazing how the rain, which was supposed to ruin a great day, gave us a different, but beautiful perspective of the Islands of Caramoan. Truly, we cannot discover the joy of experiencing new things unless we, ourselves, learn to step out of our comfort zones. So, if by any chance, you encounter a little trouble across one of your travels, do not spoil the mood. Instead, learn to embrace the moment and make it as one of the most unforgettable experiences of your lives.

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Happy traveling guys!

-Carlo, WHT


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