Countries Visited


Home of white sand beaches and kind people, this country proudly claims one of the top spots for the friendliest country in Southeast Asia. Majority of the population are also well-versed in speaking the English language making it an easy destination for new travelers.

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Hong Kong is a very affordable country to visit. It’s land area is relatively small compared to other neighboring countries in Asia but let this not fool you- there are a lot of things to see and discover here. Hong Kong is famous for its theme parks like the Disneyland and Ocean Park, both of which are frequented by tourists and locals alike.

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Taiwan once claimed the title of having the tallest building in Asia, the Taipei 101 (standing at 509.1 m). This magnificent architecture is the highlight of any city tour in Taiwan. Getting around the country is very easy thanks to its geographical composition. Provinces can be easily accessed through their tourist-friendly instructions and signs. Each major attraction is also provided with a tourist information center to assist travelers.

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A very affordable country to live in. The attractions and food in Malaysia are one of the cheapest in Asia. Also, basic necessities are relatively cheaper compared to the neighboring Asian countries. Hotels could go to as low as 5$ per night so this is a perfect country to visit if you are ever tight on budget. Like most asian countries, there are also night markets scattered throughout the city for tourists to enjoy.

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The dream destination of all travelers who want to experience true Asia. Traveling to Japan could drain a little bit of that bank account- but what you pay for is what you get in this country. Your expectations would surely meet reality as you explore everything Japan has to offer. This country is the perfect example of harmony between development and preservation.

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