7 Reasons To Visit Malaysia

I know that a lot of people out there are fond of traveling, or if not, has an innate passion for traveling just waiting to be awakened. If you think you belong to the latter part of the group, then traveling to Malaysia is a good start to wake up that slumbering passion. From budget-friendly attractions to mouth-watering cuisine, Malaysia has more than enough reasons to lure you into its splendor. I narrowed the long list to 7 items as to why you should visit this country, fast:

1) Traveling in Malaysia is cheap.

We had a decent accomodation for only 15$ per night. Actually, I would say that we got more than what we paid for. This hotel room already comes with a wi fi, an air conditioning unit, a water heater, unlimited bottled water, and an all you can eat breakfast. I even saw some hotels offering a room for only 7 dollars per night! Food is also cheap here. A dollar can already get you a full meal. If you want to maximize value for your money, make sure to dine at night markets. Your money would surely go a long way at night markets. Eating street food is also a good idea to maximize that budget. We came across a food cart selling roti with 2 types of authentic curry for only half a dollar.

2) Getting around is so convenient.

Malaysia’s train stations stretch throughout Kuala Lumpur. Their mode of transportation is fast and efficient. Also, tourists will have no problem whatsoever if they wanted to go to a particular point within the city. Railway maps are easy to understand and there are information counters at each train station. The bus terminal of Bersepadu Selatan (one of the bus terminals in Kuala Lumpur) also offers a point to point transportation from Kuala Lumpur to the major tourist attractions found outside the city. Bus terminals are also well maintained allowing tourists to truly relax while they wait for the buses to come. Photo below is the bus terminal of Bersepadu Selatan.

Bus Terminal of Bersepadu Selatan

3) Communicating with the locals is easy.

One of the major factors as to why some people are hesitant to visit a particular country is that because it’s difficult to establish good communication with the locals. Sure, there is a different charm in playing charades with the locals specially in rural areas but hey- not everyone enjoys this kind of thing. In Malaysia, you will never have problem communicating with the locals so long as you could express yourself in simple English. Almost everyone in Malaysia knows how to speak in English. Lost? Looking for something? Want to go somewhere? Don’t worry, ask the locals!

4) Friendly Locals!

Malaysians are approachable and easy to get along with. You could literally strike a friendly conversation with anyone here. I met one Malaysian in Malacca. He told me that he came all the way from Johor Bahru to visit the place. After only a few minutes of conversation, he already invited me to come and visit the lego land there. I politely declined. If only we were to stay a while longer in Malaysia, then I would’ve accepted the invitation. We also stumbled upon Francis Benjamin at Malacca. He became our rickshaw driver for the whole day- we enjoyed his stories about the rich history of Malacca so much and his occasional sense of humor. For me, these are solid proofs of the warm personality of Malaysians.

Us and our rickshaw driver, Francis Benjamin. He toured us through the beautiful town of Malacca.

5) Food, food and food.

With a culture so diverse, one could also expect the food in Malaysia to be richly varied. Taste the flavors of Asia when you go into one of their night markets. Want to have a taste of the Banh Mi of Vietnam? Tom Yum of Thailand? Dumplings of China? Curry of India? Or the Cendol of Malaysia? They have it here. Check also my experience at one of their famous night markets: The Jalan Alor Street night market.

The cendol of Jalan Alor Street night market.

6) Rich Culture

Malaysia is known to be a Muslim country. What is not a famous fact however, is that Malaysia is also a place of many other religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and some traditional chinese religions. Moreover, a percentage of the population of Malaysia include Chinese and Indian. These factors when combined, produces a rich and distinctive culture. Places of worship are scattered throughout Malaysia and some of them are even made into tourist attractions. An excellent example of this is the Batu Caves temple. Make sure to check out my post about my experience at Batu Caves by clicking HERE.

The enormous statue of a Hindu Diety found at Batu Caves.

7) Awesome skyscrapers

Admit it. The immediate thing you could associate with Malaysia is their famous Petronas Twin towers. Your visit to Malaysia would never be complete without seeing this towering landmark for yourself. Need I say more?

The mighty petronas twin towers.

My trip to Malaysia has always been special. It is there where I experienced being in charge of our travel itinerary for the first time. I went to Malaysia with only my mother. No guides, no planned tours, no friend or family member to approach in cases of emergency- I planned the whole thing. It is not an all pleasant experience of course. But in the end, I could proudly say that we went home with a wide grin across our faces and a handful of memories that would forever be cherished. Go out of your comfort zones. Explore the world and you’ll come to realize that life truly is beautiful.

Anything that you would like to add to the list? Make sure to drop your thoughts on the comments section.

Happy traveling guys!

-Carlo, WHT


  1. aguycalledbloke

    Great post.

    I used to live in Malaysia in the 60’s with my parents and still have very vivid memories of the few years spent there, it is on my list of revisits – hopefully in the next few years 🙂

    1. Post
      Carlo Tuzon

      Then you must’ve had an exciting childhood in Malaysia! You should visit it soon, I’m sure a lot of good memories will come right back at you once you’re there. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers! 😁

      1. aguycalledbloke

        Thank you, l did indeed, l was looking at images now and was astonished that there were bridges across to Penang now? i remember going to schoo, in George town and using the ferry.

        Everything has changed, even looking at images on Google maps and l couldn’t even find where l used to live, but hey that’s life isn’t it – you have a great day 🙂

        1. Post
          Carlo Tuzon

          Indeed! Actually I experienced riding that ferry going to Penang 😂 I only visited Malaysia once so I could not tell the changes. One thing is for sure though: visiting the place where you grew up will always be a good experience. You have a great day too! 🙂

  2. Shreya

    Hahaa. Ive already visited Singapore and Malaysia last year and was a wonderful experience. We could get things much cheaper than what at what we get in India.😂😂

    1. Post
      Carlo Tuzon

      Ahahah same experience here. 😂 I had to double check the prices on our first day because I simply cannot believe how cheap products are in Malaysia. Glad to have someone share the same thoughts on this 😁 thanks for stopping by, Shreya!

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