An overview of the Jalan Alor night Market.

Night markets, like in many other Asian countries, are found throughout Malaysia. Though common, night markets can be surprisingly diverse and unique in terms of the products they are selling. From exotic food to regular goodies, night markets will surely have something to stir your interest. In our case, our interests were stirred too well.

A restaurant at Jalan Alor street.

The Jalan Alor Street nightmarket is conveniently close to the hotel where we are staying. Our hotel is located near Bukit Bintang (Name: My hotel at Bukit Bintang) which is also only a couple of minute’s walk from the Bukit Bintang station. I have already pinned the Jalan Alor Nightmarket on my list of places-to-visit prior to our arrival in Malaysia but I did not expect it to be just around the corner from our hotel. We are lucky; this means we get to feast every night during our whole stay here in Malaysia!

Malaysia’s version of Shabu Shabu

Malaysian food is a nice blend of Singaporian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine. Here in the night market, stalls offer their own version of the famous dishes of Asia. They have the Banh Mi of Vietnam, Dumplings of China, Laksa soup of Singapore, Tom Yum of Thailand, and many more. You can definitely taste Asia by trying a dish or two here every night.

Piping-hot steamed dumplings. They have pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetable, beef, fish and I don’t know what else.

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you step on their night market: Durians are everywhere. For those of you who are unfamiliar of it: A Durian is a type of fruit known for its pungent odour. Some even relates its smell to a corpse! Though that would have been so much for me, as I have only related its smell to a rotting fruit the first time I’ve smelled it. Once I have tried it however, the smell of Durian became tolerable- then sweet. I could agree to the saying that when it comes to the taste of Durian, you’ll only either like it dearly or hate it so much. It made me wonder why there are so many Durians in the night market. As I asked the locals, it turned out that this smelly treat is actually their national fruit! No wonder why each fruit stall prides their sweet and creamy Durian. My personal advise? Try the fruit. You’ll never know- maybe you are fond of its sweet, creamy taste too.

House of assorted goodies at the Night Market.

There is a shop here in Jalan Alor street that is packed with treats in every corner. During my whole stay in Malaysia, I could say that this is the most ideal shop for that last-minute shopping spree for your loved ones back home. Items here are cheaper and some treats could be purchased in little quantities- which means that you (or your family) could taste a number of goodies without emptying your wallet. The photo above shows some of the treats available in the store. You’ll never miss this one once you are in Jalan Alor Street. Shop’s name is Country’s Tid Bits and Candies Cottage.

Country’s Tid Bits and Candies Cottage

We also stumbled upon a stall selling roasted lamb. It somehow reminded me of home- just that we would be roasting pig instead of lamb.

The appetizing aroma from this stall invites customers as far as the other end of the street.

How to get here:

-From KL Sentral, ride the green line bound for Titiwangsa. Alight at Imbi station.

– Jalan Alor night market should be a 5-minute walk from there.

Our stay in Malaysia had been very memorable because of our frequent visits to this night market. Each night, we would try different dishes from different stalls. Truly, I can say that I had my pleasurable fill of Malaysia’s cuisine during my brief stay in this nice country. The good food and the street performers serenading you with local and foreign songs will surely be enough reason for you to come back. Happy traveling guys!

-Carlo, WHT


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      Carlo Tuzon

      True! A country’s culture is deeply connected to its food- and, no other place offers a bigger collection of food than the night market (in most Asian countries anyway). Thanks for stopping by, Ankita! 😊

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