Philippines’ Holy Land

The Holy Week is an annual event wherein we, as devout Catholics, take part in the Lord’s suffering before His death on the cross. It is disappointing to know however, that most people make use of this time in order to go on a mini summer vacation, thus, totally forgetting what the Holy Week is all about. If your heart struggles in choosing whether to indulge on a sightseeing trip or to have the way of the cross this Holy Week, then let the Holy Land of Subic, Philippines solve that problem for you.

The Subic Holy Land is easily accessible via the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx), and is only a 2-hour drive from Manila. The Holy Land is actually a theme park which allows the visitors to have a deeper feel of the significant events that occurred during Jesus’ life. Statues illustrating the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and the stations of the way of the cross are also here, making it an ideal place to visit this Lenten season.

On the picture above is the prayer wall of the Holy Land patterned after the famous wailing wall of Jerusalem. Here, visitors could write a prayer intention(s) to a piece of paper, and then offer it to a particular category on the wall applicable to your intention.

The photo above shows the birth of Jesus. It is the third Joyful mystery of the holy rosary. You can pray the holy rosary while following its mysteries along the park. Maps are provided prior to your entry so you don’t have to worry about losing track of which part of the park you will have to go next when you’re praying the rosary, or doing the way of the cross.

There is also a very nice chapel located near the park entrance. It welcomes visitors with its charming appearance. A number of wedding ceremonies are already done here. For those of you who are planning where to get married, make sure to expand your list by adding this one.

There is also a section in the park where the different titles of Mary are given life with the statues portraying it. Among all the others, is my personal favorite: The Mary Help of Christians.

Like I’ve mentioned before, your family could observe the new way of the cross here, as the park is also complete with the stations of the cross. The statues are made in beautiful detail, giving you a good grasp of what happened during Jesus’ time. I’m sure you’ll get a feel of Mary’s sorrow when you see Jesus hung to the cross or when he was mercilessly whipped while tied on a pillar.

Note: The photos here are only examples of the numerous statues, attractions and famous religious landmarks found inside the park.

Entrance fee:

-220 Pesos (4.24$)

I hope I was able to stir your interest, and convince you to take part in His suffering this Lent. Wishing you a peaceful and solemn Lenten season. Happy traveling (and meditating, for that matter) guys!!

-Carlo, WHT


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