How to go to the Malibiclibic falls of Cavite.

The province of Cavite has always been known for its rich history, food and culture. When it comes to falls, however, that is a different story.

Usually, people from Manila come to Laguna if they want to experience nature trekking and falls. These facts may be the reason why I am so surprised upon knowing that a falls has been opened for public recently at Cavite. Last 2012, the Malibiclibic falls of Aguinaldo, Cavite was discovered. Over the years, its beauty was maintained. Sadly though, only few have actually ventured to see it up close.

Malibiclibic up close

If you’re coming from Manila, travel time to the falls would be around 3 to 4 hours. Getting here is easy. Ride a bus bound for Naic or Alfonso, look for a jeepney terminal there and ride a jeep bound for Aguinaldo, then alight at Brgy. Lumipa. Ask around Brgy. Lumipa about the location of their barangay hall because it is the only official place where tourists can pay for the entrance fee going to the falls. You can also ask for a local tour guide here and request for life vests. Entrance fee will only cost you 20 Pesos (0.38$) per head. Just remember to give a tip to the local tour guide.

Trekking will always be there if you wish to go to a falls like this one. The local guide will assist you during the trek. We learned a lot from the guide about the history of the falls and on how it was discovered. Falls are actually rare in Cavite and the town of Aguinaldo is very fortunate to have one in its area. The Malibiclibic falls is a new attraction here which explains why the road going here is not cemented all throughout. There are also no signs pointing to the Malibiclibic falls, so few people get to know its existence.

Trek going to the falls.

It is saddening to see garbage along the pathway of the trek. Knowing that this attraction is just recently opened to the public, I expected that the pathway would be clear of any unwanted garbage. I can’t bear to imagine the amount of garbage this pathway would have 5 to 10 years from now. I just hope that the local government would be more strict in keeping the cleanliness of the attraction.

Garbage at the pathway. We disposed of it properly.
Flowing water can now be heard from here.
Careful, those rocks are really slippery!

Getting to the falls was easier than expected. Apart from the steep steps at the beggining, the rest of the hike would be effortless (though thr rocks could get a little slippery at times). We went here on a weekend which made me expect that a crowd would be present at the falls; my expectations failed me. It seems that what they say about the falls being known only by few is true after all.

Touch down at Malibiclibic falls!

The life vests would be provided after you sign up at the Barangay hall. On the day we visited however, a small group came first and they were able to get all of the available life vests. A life vest is a must if you are not a proficient swimmer as the water at the middle could reach a depth of 50 feet! The tour guide willingly narrated a case wherein a tourist drowned as he went towards the falls. I think this is also a way for them to regulate the actions of the tourists for their safety. So I would highly suggest that you do not, at all cost, attempt to reach the falls by crossing the middle without wearing a life vest. If you really wanted to reach the falls, get an improvised floater like a bamboo.

Going to the falls with a bamboo floater.

The rocks at the foot of the falls are really slippery. With the force of the water pushing you down, you could easily stumble if you are not holding your ground well. Be careful!

Foot of the Malibiclibic falls.

After taking our time at the falls, we explored its vicinity. Further down, we saw a small area where the flowing water makes an impression of a natural Jacuzzi. We dipped into its comfort and made our base there for the rest of the day.

Discovering the natural Jacuzzi 😏

We spent the rest of the day at the natural Jacuzzi. There we took our lunch and enjoyed the company of mother nature. It reminded us of the simple pleasures of life-cold water, good food, fresh air, green trees, and family.

Will we be back? Definitely

How to get here:

– From Manila, ride a bus bound for Naic or Alfonso, Cavite.

– Upon arrival, look for a jeepney terminal and ride a jeepney bound for Aguinaldo.

-Tell the driver to drop you off at Barangay Lumipa.

– Look for the barangay hall and register for the falls.

Happy traveling, guys!


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      Carlo Tuzon

      Yeah 🙁 The hike would’ve been perfect if the trash were not there. Still, the falls made up for all the hike’s shortcomings so it’s still a thumbs up for me. Haha. Thanks for stopping by!!

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    Carlo Tuzon

    Yep! Maganda mag photoshoot dito. Saglit lang kase nagsstay ang mga tao sa falls. Nagpunta kami dito ng weekend pero d pa rin ganun kadami yung crowd. Try mo na! Haha 😁

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