Why the bag of beans is the best place to have coffee at Tagaytay.

What started out as a humble coffee shop along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu road is now slowly paving its way to be one of the must places to visit and eat in Tagaytay. The bag of beans coffee shop primarily served.. well.. coffee (ha ha) during its initial year in the business BUT their menu now also embraces pastas, rice dishes, and pastries in order to cope up with the growing number of guests visiting the café. In this short review, I would like to list down 4 things as to why the bag of beans is the place you’ll want to visit the next time you’re going for that piping-hot coffee at Tagaytay. Enjoy:

1) The place is cozy AND spacious

I guess a cozy atmosphere is something almost all coffee shops share. I mean, a coffee shop not being cozy is like a night club being peaceful. Okay, I’m not good at analogies but you get my message. Coziness is something basic for a coffee shop- but, a spacious one? hmm.. that’s not very common. Picture this: they have a parking area to accommodate a good number of guests. They have an indoor space for folks who wants a classy feel to their dining experience. It also has an outdoor space for people who wants to feel at one with nature. They have well maintained comfort rooms. They have a souvenir and goodies shop. And, they have a LOG CABIN to bring out that aspiring model in you. This much space for a humble coffee shop and restaurant? yes please!

2) The food and coffee is DELICIOUS.

The dishes are a little expensive though. But I guess that is perfectly fine with me so long as the price reflects the taste and quantity of the food. It won’t hurt to have a break from Mcdonald’s and Jollibee once in a while.  I’ve had my fair experiences with coffee and food so I guess it’s safe to say that my judgement on this is not biased in any way. I tried some of the dishes here and most of it are exceptionally good. The servings are also generous. Though I should warn you- do not come here when you’re starving. You might end up ordering more than you can eat (it happened to me haha).

3) The place is excellent for taking photos

I’m not much of a photographer but the place somehow told me: “you gonna let my beauty pass without taking a shot or two?” The overall design of the place is literally begging to be photographed. Your eyes would surely feast on its overall cuteness. Like I said, I’m not that good of a photographer so I’m afraid I’ve not done enough justice to express its beauty. Still, I’ve tried my skills to take some photos. I know a lot of you would’ve done a better job.

4) They have unlimited coffee for… $2.00?!

That’s right! For all of you caffeine addicts out there, this place is definitely for you. Most travelers go to Tagaytay for a long drive, and this unlimited coffee is just perfect to wash that sleepiness away. For only 110 pesos ($2.00), you could kiss your drowsiness goodbye and welcome the coming hours with a palpitating hug. Some of you might say: hey! that’s actually quite pricey for an unlimited coffee. Well, just remember that this coffee shop and restaurant is actually meant for casual dining sooooo, relative to that fact, the price is actually kind of cheap! Not to mention it also comes with unlimited milk and sugar! Yay for caffeine and palpitation!

And that’s all for the mini review! The Bag of beans coffee shop is surely a place worth visiting whether you are with or without a companion. This humble coffee shop have already etched its name in Tagaytay, setting off a very important lesson that great things do come from humble beginnings. Oh, and take it easy with the caffeine, will you? Happy traveling guys!

-Carlo, WHT

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