The lady stiffed me on a tip

The last delivery of the night was called into the marijuana dispensary around 11 pm.

We usually don’t take orders past 10:45, but the senior citizen and disabled vet got under my manager’s skin and managed to find her soft spot. I was the person assigned to the delivery. The order was significant in size. The customer max out both her concentrate and her allotted flour for the day. She bought a half ounce of chemdawg top shelf flower and a half ounce of Platinum Jack top-shelf flower. The chemdawg strain is an Indica leaning hybrid and the Platinum Jack is a really nice sativa strain. The woman also purchased an assortment of cannabis concentrates. I left the San Francisco dispensary around 11:20 and I set up the address in my GPS. It took about 15 minutes to drive to the address. Traffic wasn’t very bad due to the very late time in the evening. I arrived at the address, but all of the lights were off. I called the phone number and the lady gave me a hard time for calling her house so late. I wanted to confirm the address before I knocked on anyone’s door at almost midnight. The person on the phone hung up and then I saw the lights come on inside and outside of the house. The lady came outside on the porch with a fistful of money. She looked aggravated, but I couldn’t understand why she was the one that called the San Francisco marijuana dispensary to place the order this late at night. I managed to bring her all of the cannabis supplies that she wanted in 30 minutes. She’s still stiffed me on a tip. She gave me five bucks on a $200 order.
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Traffic is usually crazy in the city, so I try to order delivery

I don’t like to drive into Chicago unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • The traffic is going to be horrible whether it is the morning, noon, or night.

Sometimes it will take 2 hours to drive from one side of the city to the other. I once had a job working at the post office. I was only 24 years old at that time. I was excited about the government job and I thought I would be fine with the commute. Little did I know that a 50 minute drive every morning and every afternoon would get old very quickly. I hate to go to the city now. Chicago has the best prices on marijuana in the whole state of illinois. I buy all of my recreational marijuana products from a dispensary in Chicago that offers delivery services. The Chicago marijuana delivery service brings me packages right to my home. I have to spend $200 on recreational marijuana products in order to qualify for delivery services, but I don’t mind one bit. I wait until I am almost out of supplies and then I place a big order from the cheap place in chicago. I try to tip the Chicago marijuana delivery service driver well, because it is a pretty long drive. Traffic can be awful in the afternoon when all of the businesses are done. I regularly try to place my order during the day, when there are less cars on the highway. I can avoid waiting three or four hours and the driver doesn’t have to be stressed out about sitting in the afternoon traffic.



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Across from the pawn shop was a marijuana dispensary

When my wife and I went to Las Vegas, we absolutely wanted to go to the pawn shop that is featured on television.

We probably watched 200 episodes of the television show. We wanted to see the actual place in Las Vegas where the show was filmed. It turns out that it isn’t actually as easy as you would think to go inside of the shop and sell something. There was a pretty long line of people and the owners of the store were only there on certain days. You had to go through a list of people looking at your item if you wanted to meet with the guys. My wife and I were certainly disappointed by that. We were hoping to be able to go inside of the store and browse a little bit. It was more like an attraction that we had to pay a fee in order to go. Across from the pawn shop was a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. That sounded like something that could be interesting. There are no legal recreational marijuana dispensaries where we are from. The Las Vegas dispensary sounded like a fun outing that was not going to cost us a fortune. My wife and I walked across the street. We gave the security officer our identification cards and he took them inside of the building. He came back outside and told us that we could enter the door. Inside of the Las Vegas marijuana dispensary, things were lit up like night time. There were lots of neon lights and music was playing in speakers above our heads. It seemed more like a nightclub than a pharmacy.

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Ann Arbor is a great place to work and live

My kids were very unhappy with me when I told them that we were moving.

They knew for a long time that I was looking for a better job. They knew we were going to move out of the country and back to the city of Ann Arbor. We moved out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, when my husband and I got a divorce. It was too expensive for us to live in the city when I didn’t have two incomes. The kids and I moved out to the country where my mom and dad live. It’s really been tough being away from the city. One of the biggest challenges for me is getting medical and recreational marijuana. None of the Ann Arbor recreational or medical marijuana dispensaries will deliver this far outside of the city. I have to order when I go to the city and meet them somewhere close. It’s about a 45 minute drive over to the city and that was costing me a fortune for gas and maintenance. I have about a dozen different marijuana dispensary shops and delivery services that I can use when I want to order supplies. Arbor is a great place to work and live. There are tons of activities for the kids and a lot of culture and nightlife for the adults.I knew the kids would eventually get on board. As soon as they started to make friends and got into clubs, sports, and activities, they were just as happy as they had been before we ever moved away from Ann Arbor in the first place.


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I am going to ride the metro into milwaukee for work

I recently got a job working in milwaukee.

Most people don’t look for jobs that aren’t even in the same state where they live, but I happen to live in Elgin, Illinois, where I am very close to several major cities.

Some of those major cities are not even in the state of illinois. Milwaukee is in Wisconsin, but I found a really good job working at a commercial HVAC company. I ride the Metra from Elgin all the way into the city. I take the metra all the way back home at the end of the day. I like my job working at a commercial HVAC company. I am done everyday at 5:00 and I get a paid break for lunch and two paid 15 minute breaks as well. I work by myself most of the day. The boss gives me a schedule of HVAC repairs or installation jobs in the morning and it’s up to me to complete all of the work by the end of the day. I’ve only had one time when I didn’t actually finish by 5:00 and that was last friday. I was working on a commercial AC problem and the power kept shutting off when I was attempting to check the issue. I had to figure out why the electricity wasn’t working before I could actually figure out the problem with the AC unit. It took some time to figure out all of the extra stuff before I could even start working on the air conditioning problem. I didn’t end up getting to the last job on my schedule because this one took so long. The other appointment had to be moved to the next morning. I almost missed the last train back to Elgin.


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The small-town feel of Portland, OR

The people of Portland are kind-hearted and welcoming people.

The first time I came to visit this city, many years ago, it felt like I was coming home.

That feeling returned every time I came back to visit, until I realized that this is where I should be living permanently. My neighbors made me feel welcome right away, and that has never changed. Although I have nothing unkind to say about the people of Portland, I must admit that they are deeply passionate about their beliefs. There has been some political unrest, and some legal issues, due to protests from the people of Portland. I’m sure you saw footage of it on the news. For a few weeks Portland was the center of national attention, and became a political “hot potato.” The funny thing is that although the news reports made Portland seem dangerous at the time, I never experienced that personally. The protests and anger did not spill into my quiet little corner of Portland, for me it was the same as always. I sat at home smoking cannabis and watching the Portland news coverage just like everyone else. And I was never worried about my safety, either, because as I said, my neighbors in Portland were always kind and welcoming to me. The strong presence of a hippie subculture in Portland leads to these sorts of events, where cannabis and political activism meet face-to-face. I leave the politics to other people, and am content to sit at home smoking my cannabis and let the city of Portland work out its issues.

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TV shows set in Seattle

During the days I work in an office, but at night I get to indulge my passion for the arts.

I have a channel on Youtube, a website, and a weekly blog, in which I explore the history of TV and movies.

I am a scholar and a researcher who specializes in analyzing TV shows. One day I hope to compile all my research into a book, but for now I am happy to record my videos and write my blogs. My topic for the last few weeks has been the city of Seattle, which has been the setting for a surprising number of tv shows over the years. We all know that the show Twin Peaks wasn’t set in Seattle, but did you know it was filmed here? Twin Peaks shot most of its episode just thirty minutes outside the great city of Seattle. Possibly the most famous show set in Seattle is the sitcom Frasier which was on the air for a decade. Out of hundreds of episodes, it turns out that only one episode was actually filmed in Seattle. A personal favorite show of mine is called Millennium, from the makers of the X-Files, which is about an FBI profiler who retires to Seattle. I am very surprised that there aren’t more TV shows about the Seattle cannabis community, which is massive. Seattle is home to dozens of the biggest cannabis dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest. The city has acquired a reputation for being a Mecca of cannabis innovation, so it seems to be a great setting for a show.

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I will never leave the Denver area

A professional writer needs to go where the action is.

At least, that’s what a professional writer needs to do at first. Eventually you can build your reputation and not only demand more money, but get more freedom in the assignments you take. First starting out is a different story, and you need to jump on every single story you are given. I traveled the country for several years writing stories for major publications, but once I had the freedom to settle down, I decided that Denver, Colorado was the place I wanted to be. Denver is a city of contrasts, that is home to champion sports teams, award-winning journalism, and among the finest cannabis in the world. It is a fascinating city, but that doesn’t mean I want to live in the center of it. As much as I like Denver, I prefer to live a quiet kind of life. I bought a small cabin in the snowy hills to the south of Denver, which puts me about 30 minutes away from it by car. I can spend all day hiking the woods, or skiing the slopes, and then take a quick trip into Denver in the evening to purchase some cannabis and buy dinner. I really have the best of both worlds, with the solitude of nature and the convenience of Denver so near to me. Not only is this a great place to live, but I have found that Denver is very supportive of professional authors. I feel right at home here, and don’t think I will ever leave the Denver area..

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Many reasons to visit Denver

The first time I came to Denver was my rookie year with the company. Several of the older sales reps didn’t want to fly across the country for the big convention, so I was allowed to go instead. It really changed my life. The three days I spent in that hotel and convention center earned me a lot of new contacts in the industry. I made friends and met influencers, and really jump-started my career. After that I demanded to go to the convention every year. Mostly it was for the business experience, but there are other reasons to go to Denver. Namely, cannabis. I don’t mean to sell the city of Denver short, because there is a lot a person can do here. From the bars and clubs to the sports teams and the live shows, Denver is a party every time I visit. But what keeps me coming back is this amazing locally grown Denver cannabis, which is miles above what I get back at home. In our modern time of legalization, cannabis is not hard to find. The trick is to find the best possible cannabis for the price, and this is what Denver gives me. Since there are so many different dispensaries in Denver, they are always competing against each other. This makes it easy to find great deals on cannabis products in Denver if you know where to look for them. The next convention in Denver is three months from now, and I have already started saving up extra cash to buy more weed while I am there.


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During the winter months, we are planning a trip to Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is easily one of the nicest places to live, but it is also a great place for tourists.

The winter months in Phoenix are very mild.

It gets cold, but it doesn’t snow and temperatures are regularly warm during the day. My wife and I are planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona next winter. We plan to play golf at every one of the courses in phoenix. There are several professional golf courses in Phoenix and many of them are created by some of the world’s best professionals. I’ve been talking about playing on those courses for a while. I had a business conference in Phoenix several years ago and my buddies and I played golf while we were there. It was an awesome experience and I wanted to go back and try it again with my wife. Both of us enjoy golfing as a sport. I often go to play golf on sundays. I never get out there on Saturdays, because I usually have to work on commercial HVAC repairs. As a commercial HVAC repair contractor, I have to be available on Saturdays for a number of my clients. When I take time off next winter to go to Phoenix, I am going to leave my son in charge. He has been working at the business for 5 years. He is my right hand man and I trust him to run the company after I retire. I know that he is ready to take over. I’m just not ready to give up all of the power and decision making.
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