Making it more than a business trip

Since we go so often it was a good idea to own a vape and bring it with us

I have to travel a lot for work. I have a work from home job that technically the office is based out of LA. Frequently my boss flies me out to the office. I spend a few days in the actual space, attend some meetings, give a presentation and then I can fly back on my weekend. All the traveling is paid for and my boss really appreciates it. I used to immediately hop on a plane and go home. My girlfriend really likes California though. So now when I have a business trip, she comes with me. We then make it a trip for us. She researches cool things to do and sometimes will even rent a car for us. We saw the Hollywood sign, walked the hall of fame, went to Universal Studios, Santa Monica beach and walked along Grand Central Market. I like the market best I think. There are places to eat all over the place or you can grab food to go easily. There are all sorts of vendors. It is cramped, bustling and just really fun. What is especially nice is that the market is usually near the hotel we book. Another perk is that there is a cannabis dispensary nearby. My girlfriend is more than willing to go into the local cannabis dispensary and buy some edibles or vape cannabis oil. Since we go so often it was a good idea to own a vape and bring it with us. We now only have to buy the oil and vape when we are in California. I am so thankful that California allows for recreational weed use.


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Treating arthritis with cannabis

Chicago is known for its long and freezing cold winters.

We often deal with temperatures in the negatives, bitter wind chill and feet of snow.

While I truly love living in this area, the cold weather is hard on my arthritis. During the winter, my fingers swell up like sausages. My knuckles get huge and stiff. It’s difficult for me to make a fist. I struggle to do normal activities such as putting my hair into a ponytail, type on a keyboard and chop vegetables. I’ve already needed to cut my rings off due to the swelling. It can be both painful and frustrating, but thankfully it’s only a problem during the cold weather. I’ve also figured out that I can alleviate the majority of the pain and swelling with cannabis. I am delighted that cannabis is a natural product that avoids the detrimental side-effects of pharmaceuticals. The combination of cannabinoids and terpenes interacts with receptors in the ECS to combat pain and inflammation. Because recreational cannabis is legal in Illinois, I can walk into a dispensary and shop. All I need to do is show a valid government-issued ID, and I have access to a wide variety of consumption methods, strains and potency. They offer smokable flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vapes, topicals, tinctures, edibles and beverages. The budtenders at the dispensary have been really helpful in recommending products for my arthritis. They have steered me toward balms, disposable carts and tinctures. Because of access to recreational cannabis, I’m able to get through the winter and continue my regular life.
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Can you believe how many people are in that line?

The thing that had me most fascinated when I went to Las Vegas, NV, was the long line of people lined up in front of a building.

I would have thought I would be interested in the casinos, which I was and I enjoyed, but most of them were the same once you got inside.

When my husband and I were heading to our hotel, however, I was surprised to see so many people standing outside several small buildings. The buildings looked like what we called smoke shops in our area. My husband told me they were legal marijuana dispensaries. I had experience with medical marijuana, but I had no experience with legal recreational marijuana. I could believe that we could walk into that building and buy anything we wanted. There were at least ten people lined up outside of the marijuana dispensaries, cars with people in the parking lot, and four cars in the drive-thru order pick up. I looked at my husband and laughed. I couldn’t believe they were the only two dispensaries in Las Vegas. My husband assured me they were everywhere, but I noticed these two because they were close to where we were staying. With all the casinos in the area, I wondered how many of those people ever went in. Even though marijuana was legal in Las Vegas, I was sure that these people couldn’t afford to go to the casino after they got out of the dispensary. I finally got to go into the marijuana dispensary and purchased some brownies at the marijuana cafe.


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We loved staying in downtown Portland, Oregon

Whenever we went on vacation last year, we had no idea just how much we were going to love the diverse culture of downtown Portland, Oregon.

We actually ended up going there somewhat by accident.

We weren’t even planning on going to Portland at all, but then we noticed that flights there were really cheap and we decided to try going to a place that we had never been to before. Now, I am really glad that we ended up going to Portland because we both absolutely loved it. We stayed downtown and we didn’t even need to rent a car. Downtown Portland is served by the city’s public light rail, the Portland streetcar, and a bus system. Not only that, but Portland has a very compact and walkable downtown area. It has so much great food, tax free shopping, green spaces, and endless things to do, taste, and see. There are tons of retail brands and countless food carts all around the city. We loved it because they were all within walking distance of our cute little hotel. We stayed in a small boutique hotel that was so quirky and fun. It was actually right next door to a locally owned cannabis dispensary. We met the owner of the cannabis dispensary, and we were able to purchase some really great edibles there since cannabis is completely legal in the Portland area. I had such a great time in Portland that I really want to go back there again in a year or two. This time, it won’t be an accident, either!

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Portland is a very unique city to visit

If you are looking for a unique city to visit this summer, then I would suggest that you go to Portland, Oregon.

Portland is one of the most unique cities in the entire country.

Portland has many nicknames, like Rose City, Bridgetown, Rip City, Portlandia, and Beervana. Just like its nicknames, Portland has a variety of other things too. Portland is full of famous chefs and literally hundreds of different kinds of food carts. If you love food and trying new things, then you are going to love it here in Portland. Portland is also a mecca for the arts. You will find art and artists literally everywhere that you look when you are in Portland, from museums to galleries to outside on the street. There are bookstores on every corner and many craft breweries to choose from. Not only that, but with their thriving cannabis industry, they welcome all sorts of cannabis dispensaries throughout the city. If you are interested in sampling different types of cannabis products, then Portland is the right place for you. There are hundreds of locally owned businesses and restaurants, and Portland is proud to be a place where just about everyone shops locally. It’s definitely a different type of city, and they pride themselves on being atypical. Portland has a lot to offer, so if you are looking for a new fun place to visit and explore, this is the right place for you. With so much to do, see, taste, and experience, it’s hard to know where to start. Just book a flight to Portland and go from there!



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I took the subway across the city into Old Toronto to try a new cannabis cafe

It’s nice living in a city like Toronto where you can easily survive with public transportation.

There are multiple options between buses, subways, taxis, and Ubers.

And if you have the legs, you can easily walk or ride a bicycle to your chosen destination. I love having an apartment that is only eight miles away from my boss’s office. It gives me a lot of leniency regarding the way I get to work in the mornings. For instance, if I want to get a lot of exercise and I get up early enough to budget the time, I can just walk to work. If I’m really tired and just need to rest my body while it wakes up a little, I can jump on the bus or take the subway to the station closest to the office. But if for some reason I get up a little late for the subway, I can jump on my bicycle and high-tail it to the office and get there surprisingly quick if I go fast enough. I take the subway more often when I’m going longer distances throughout the city. Old Toronto for instance is a bit far from my apartment for me to try and ride my bike. It would turn into a day-long trip and I would need to account for potential popped bike tires and other pitfalls on my journey. I wanted to try a new cannabis cafe in Old Toronto that I read about online. The subway wasn’t as busy that day and I arrived at the cafe at least 10 minutes faster than my phone had expected when I punched in the coordinates on my maps app.


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My beautiful brick house on O’Connor Dr is near the Don River

I like using cannabis vape pens because they’re discreet in public and easy to hide when you’re out walking in a city park

I used to live near the Grand River in Lansing, Michigan. My parents decided to settle in Michigan because my mother’s family is American and all live in Ohio. Michigan was a compromise with my father because he was originally from Mississauga, Ontario. I decided to leave Michigan for Toronto in college so I could attend the University of Toronto. I was immediately taken back by the outdoor nature throughout the whole city. If you want to go for a walk in a park to clear your head, they’re located all throughout the entire city. I had a friend who got off the airport at Toronto Pearson for a business conference and he only went as far as a few blocks into MIssissauga before leaving the next day. He told me that he wasn’t impressed by “Toronto,” but the man hadn’t really been if you want to get technical about it. Nowadays I feel so lucky to live in a brick house on O’Connor Dr near the Don River in East York. Ever since my first trips to Toronto years ago, I have wanted a brick house. And being close to the Don River is a treat because I have the best places to go for walks whenever I need to clear my head. I like using cannabis vape pens because they’re discreet in public and easy to hide when you’re out walking in a city park. I am so close to the Coxwell Ravine Park that I could throw a rock from my backyard and it would land somewhere in the park itself.

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Getting to find cannabis edibles

Before cannabis was legal in Michigan, my friends and I used to bake up weed brownies.

They weren’t very good.

They had a strange taste and texture. We didn’t know anything about the potency of the weed and so had no clue about dosing. We sometimes ate way too much and had a bad experience. Because of this, I was reluctant to try the cannabis-infused edibles at the dispensary. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Michigan, I’m able to shop for a wide variety of products in Ann Arbor. I tried out the dried flower, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, extracts and tinctures. The budtenders kep recommending the cannabis-infused edibles. I finally admitted that I was worried about bad flavors and textures. They assured me that the process of infusing cannabis into edible treats has come a long way. When I finally agreed to give them a try, I was amazed. I’ve now become a fan of edibles. I like that I don’t need any specialized skills or accessories. Edibles are incredibly easy to consume. They don’t create any odors, ash or odors. The local dispensary carries a huge menu of options. I can choose from traditional brownies, gummies of all flavors and cookies. There are also milk, dark and white chocolates, hard candies, peanut butter cups, popcorn, mints and capsules. Just recently they have added a selection of beverages. There are cannabis-infused tonics, colas, root beers, lemonades, mocktales and cannabeers. There is a line of cooking oils, butters and marinara sauces. I am having a lot of fun trying out the different options. I like the intensity and delayed onset of effects.


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I prefer cannabis flower

I am rather particular about the quality of cannabis flower I’m willing to purchase. I’ve checked out all of the local dispensaries in Ann Arbor, looking for premium smokable bud. There is a wide range of brands and strains and not all of them are top-shelf. The smokable flower is actually the bud of the female plant. It needs to be allowed to fully mature before being harvested and dried. The dried flower should include hair-like pistils that are a bright orange color. If they are white, the bud has been picked too early. If they are gray, the weed is old. I also look for a complexity of colors. The weed should be a vivid green with flecks of purples, blues, reds and oranges. There should be an abundance of crystal-like trichomes covering the surface. These trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes. A plentfiul supply means a higher potency of THC and richer terpenes. The terpenes are responsible for the flavor and taste of the cannabis. They also influence effects. I prefer a citrusy tast and smell. I enjoy creating my own joints and blunts. I’ve gotten quite good at the rolling process. There are few things more relaxing or enjoyable than lighting a hand-rolled joint, inhaling and enjoying the rapid onset of effects. The effects typically set in within a couple of minutes.There are flower strains that promote relaxation, a good night’s sleep and mellowing out. There are others that increase energy and creativity. I am open to trying indicas, sativas and hybrids of every potency and flavor. I never know when I’ll come across my new favorite strain.


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The cannabis taxes are much higher in West Hollywood compared to Tarzana

I knew that taxes would be high in California, but I didn’t really know how to comprehend that until I got here.

Lucky for me, I grew up in a state that had relatively low tax rates compared to places out west. However, I also remember being in an old coal town with a crumbling infrastructure. Our schools desperately needed new desks, text books, and basic amenities. So if you want to live in some unrealistic utopia where you have the lowest tax rates, get ready to be frustrated with the basic services you’re accustomed to in places with a reasonable number of taxes. That’s what I tell people when they complain and insist they want to live in a tax-free haven, but they don’t understand the repercussions. The same goes for the cannabis taxes, which not only vary from state to state but also within different municipalities within the same state. I live in Tarzana on the opposite side of the Hollywood Hills from West Hollywood. The taxes at cannabis stores in Tarzana are a lot lower than the cannabis taxes in West Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles. I’ll try my best to shop for weed while I’m near my home in Tarzana if I’m not purchasing cannabis in places like Encino or San Bernardino. The recreational marijuana taxes aren’t too high in the San Fernando Valley in general compared to West Hollywood. I understand that these taxes are collected for things like funding and social welfare programs. Without these taxes, our state would cease to function to the degree like it does right now.
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