My sister told me to check out Alsip, IL while in Chicago.

We spent most of the afternoon enjoying the air conditioning while watching people sing, or who thought they could.

I was in Chicago for a conference, and I was getting bored. I called my sister and told her I was tired of sitting in meetings all day, and I needed something to do. It was hot and humid and I couldn’t handle much more of the poor air conditioning in the hotel. She told me to check out Alsip, IL while in Chicago. Alsip was a suburb of Chicago, and she knew that I liked touring small cemeteries whenever I traveled. I told her thank you, and went online. They had three famous cemeteries that were historical. One cemetery offered a ghost tour, of famous gangsters and villains. I thought it would be a lot of fun, and convinced some of the people I knew to go along with me. It was hot in the city, but not too bad in Alsip. The temperatures were in the upper eighties, but there was a lot of shade in the cemeteries. The best part of our trip outside of Chicago, was when we went to the Dakota Inn. It was a lively bar and grill that offered karaoke. We spent most of the afternoon enjoying the air conditioning while watching people sing, or who thought they could. We enjoyed the food and a day away from the meetings. After a few craft beers, my buddy got up on stage and convinced me to sing with him. It was difficult sing neither of us could carry a tune, but we were having a blast. We caught a taxi that would take us back to our hotel, but none of us were in a condition to drive.

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I opened a yoga studio in Albuquerque

Even though Albuquerque is famous for its cannabis, that doesn’t mean people can smoke inside my yoga studio.

I know I was taking a big risk, but opening a yoga studio in Albuquerque wound up being the best decision I ever made! This was about ten years ago, right at the beginning of the population boom. For such a quiet, dignified town, Albuquerque has certainly become a hotspot. Legal weed is one reason for that, and so is the surge in popularity we got from the TV show Breaking Bad. The status of the city has been slowly rising for years now, and my yoga studio has reaped the benefits! I am currently one of the biggest yoga studios in all of Albuquerque, and part of the reason for that is because I share a storefront with a cannabis dispensary. The connection between yoga and cannabis is well documented, and the people of Albuquerque have responded in force. I’m sure you already know that Albuquerque is considered one of the hot-spots for medical cannabis throughout the southwest. Combining the powers of yoga and weed in one business was a brilliant idea, and it has been paying off bigtime. Even though Albuquerque is famous for its cannabis, that doesn’t mean people can smoke inside my yoga studio. Legal status of cannabis aside, the federal anti-smoking laws are still enforced, even in Albuquerque. Yoga is a way to focus your spirit and unlock your mind, and I will admit that cannabis really helps with the process. But if my clients had to work out while coughing from a room full of cannabis smoke, I doubt I would be the hottest studio in Albuquerque.



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How old do I need to be to purchase marijuana in Denver, CO?

I asked my brother how old I needed to be to purchase marijuana here in Denver? I ended up with the longest lecture of my life.

My brother explained that the legal drinking age had always been twenty-one, ever since he could remember.

He thought it may have been eighteen for a short time, but that was in the seventies. When he said he couldn’t understand why I could not get it through my thick head, I opened my mouth. I knew it wasn’t a good thing to do, but I was young and dumb. Not only wasn’t I thinking that my brother was my legal guardian and had to show me right from wrong, but I remembered him using marijuana when he was my age. The words were out of my mouth before I realized I was talking. I told him I remembered him smoking marijuana when I was a lot younger. I thought the laws were different for marijuana than they were for drinking alcohol. My brother backed off and told me that Denver, CO, keeps the legal age for drinking, smoking marijuana and anything else that could be harmful, at twenty-one. He didn’t live anywhere else to know if they do it differently. I apologized for being so snarky, but sometimes my brother really gets to me. I know mom and dad left him as my legal guardian, but he has no right to lecture me. Mom and dad still do that enough whenever they call to check up on us both, and he knows how much he enjoys that.

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Does Denver have the best weed in America?

Potheads across the country always say that their area is home to the best weed. It was my goal to put that assertion to the test. I thought about writing a book, but since these are modern times I decided to turn my quest into a Youtube channel. In my camper van I am criss-crossing this great nation, sampling the finest cannabis strains from every major city on the map. There are certain places with a strong reputation for killer cannabis, and sitting near the top of that list is Denver, Colorado. One of the first stops I made on my cannabis tour was the Mile High City of Denver, and it was a trip worth remembering. In the interest of being impartial, I went to four of the most reputable cannabis dispensaries in the Denver area, and I bought three different locally grown strains at each business. I found a picturesque camping ground just outside of Denver, one with an amazing view of the mountains, and I slowly worked my way through all of the various cannabis strains. I judge each strain of cannabis on a series of different criteria, and usually it’s easy to evaluate them. I have to admit that the cannabis I bought in Denver was so powerful that it took me three days to try them all out! I am an experienced pothead, but the quality and the THC content of the Denver weed was on another level! I’m not sure where I will go next, but it will be difficult to find a city with better cannabis than Denver, Colorado.

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Starting over in Portland, Oregon

As a private investigator I have seen a lot of crazy things in my career.

I started off in southern California, where I made a speciality of tracking down cheating spouses.

This was back in the day before smartphones and social media, so it was a lot harder than it is now. After twenty years of chasing cheaters around the LA district I decided I needed a change of pace. I moved to a city that had a slower pace, and friendlier people. I am no longer a private detective, though, I bought a controlling share of a cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon, so now I manage a weed shop. This might seem like a stunning change of pace, but after so many years digging through the worst parts of humanity I needed the calm and comfort found in Portland. This is a nice, quiet place to live, and the crime rate in Portland is low enough that I don’t need to worry much about the safety of my cannabis dispensary. I know there are a lot of cannabis dispensaries in Portland, but I think mine has its own certain charm to it. I have a small stage around the back of the place, and on nights when it isn’t raining I have live musical acts play shows for my cannabis customers. I enjoy living in Portland, and even though I will never get rich, I have found a certain kind of peace in running my cannabis shop. Compared to my old life, Portland is like being in a wonderful dream.



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What is a marijuana establishment?

I had been reading about marijuana establishments, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

Ever since Muskegon, MI has legalized recreational marijuana there have been a lot of changes.

I understood they were aware that the legalization of marijuana often spiked the amount of marijuana arrests because of public use. In order to keep this from happening in Muskegon, MI, the laws also allowed for the use of marijuana establishments. What is a marijuana establishment. Some states allow restaurants to have a BYOB license. This eliminates the need for a license to sell alcohol. People can bring their own, unopened bottles of alcohol, and they pay the establishment an uncorking fee. The marijuana establishment works under the same principle. You can bring your own marijuana and enjoy the evening in a safe environment. The location is approved and supported by the local municipality, which in my case is Muskegon, MI. The area is identified as suitable for cannabis consumption and smoke-free areas. The smoke-free area is so employees can monitor the marijuana consumption area. There must be barriers and walls to ensure marijuana smoke doesn’t get into the nonsmoking space. There also must be a ventilation system that allows the marijuana smoke to escape outside the building through a filtration system that removes visual marijuana smoke and odor. I was considering opening a marijuana establishment, but I couldn’t think of a single place in my local area that could meet all the criteria. I couldn’t afford to make the changes in a building, even if they allowed me to have a license for a marijuana establishment in my part of Muskegon, MI.

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The music scene in Seattle is amazing

If you are in the pacific northwest and have any desire or drive to be a musician, eventually you end up in Seattle.

This is the Music Mecca for the country, a place where rookies and veterans alike come to hone their craft and find a bigger audience. Some of the biggest bands of the last 40 years have come out of here, and every major musical act always puts Seattle on their world tour. Music is what brought me here, over ten years ago. I still play live shows, but I understand I will never be famous. Although I came to Seattle because of the music scene, I stayed here to settle down because it’s an incredible place to live. To be completely honest, the cannabis community around here is another reason I find it hard to leave Seattle. Cannabis is not just legal in Seattle, it is a welcomed part of the local culture. Federal laws prohibit smoking anything inside of public buildings in Seattle, including tobacco and cannabis. Otherwise, Seattle is like the Wild West when it comes to cannabis. Most Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle will allow their clients to smoke marijuana in the car! There are cannabis dispensary tours in several of the biggest Seattle stores, where you go behind the scenes to see how a dispensary really works. Even without the prevalence of cannabis, I would still love living in Seattle just for the music alone. So many amazing musical artists got their start in Seattle, you never know when you will see the next big star.

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There was a hidden Civil War cemetery just down the road

In my last blog post I told you all about the creepy old farmhouse owned by my Aunt and Uncle.

The home dated back to the Civil War era, and was reputedly a stop on the Underground Railroad.

I am a fan of reading history books, and all my research indicated that my Aunt and Uncle were telling the truth. This area of rural Illinois was a political hotbed in those days. Dozens of local farmers left their homes to join the Union Army and fight for the freedom of America. Recently I inherited the old house. I wasn’t stoked about spending a few weeks in Illinois to settle family affairs, but I had no choice. When I was a kid I thought the farm was boring, but back then I couldn’t drive, and had no access to cannabis. Now cannabis is legal in Illinois, and the nearest dispensary is only 30 minutes away. One interesting fact I read in a book about the local history of Illinois during the Civil War was that a cemetery for veterans had been built nearby. There was no record of where this cemetery was, in any of the Illinois history books I read, so I decided to find it myself. Maybe it was the amazing Illinois cannabis making me foolhardy, but I set out to explore the area around the house. Three days later I found a hidden and wildly overgrown Civil War era cemetery! I immediately called the Illinois historical society and told them of my discovery. I feel like I made myself a part of Illinois history.

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The sweet spot is right outside of Las Vegas

I live on the outskirts of Las Vegas.

I am so close that every night the city lights up the sky with millions of different lights.

If the wind is blowing the right direction I can even hear music drifting in the air. I considered it to be the best of both worlds, because on one hand I have the greatest city in America within a 30 minute drive, and on the other hand I never have to go into the city unless I have a reason to. I work from home, and my neighborhood has all the stores I need, so I can choose to drive into Las Vegas whenever I want to see a show or buy some cannabis, but I am not required to go there. I don’t like traffic, and in general I don’t like crowds, so even though I live so close to Las Vegas I only visit it once or twice a month. If there was a better cannabis dispensary in my neighborhood I might only visit Las Vegas once or twice a year! There is a small dispensary a few blocks away, but quite frankly it pales in comparison to some of the biggest cannabis shops in downtown Las Vegas. Since there is a lot of tourist trade in the city, all the best cannabis shops are set up near the strip. I have to brave the traffic and spend a couple of hours in Las Vegas trying to find a free parking spot, but it’s worth it to get my hands on the best cannabis in the state.

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We moved to Phoenix recently and I love it here

My wife and I have been married for 5 years.

During all five of those years, we have lived in Denver, but recently we decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona.

There are a lot of great reasons to move to Phoenix. During the spring, summer, and fall months, temperatures are in the’80s or higher. There is barely any rain at all. During the winter months, many people temporarily move to Phoenix to enjoy the mild temperatures and warm weather. While the rest of the nation is suffering through cold temperatures, ice, and snow, Phoenix is enjoying temperatures in the 70s every day with plenty of sunshine and very few clouds. My wife got a job working at a bank in Phoenix, so we moved a couple of months ago. I found a job working at a Phoenix HVAC repair and installation business. The commercial HVAC repair and installation business hired me after giving me an interview over the phone. I told the owner of the business that I worked in the HVAC repair and installation business for 10 years. I had three letters of recommendation that I faxed to the owner of the Phoenix HVAC repair and installation business. The guy hired me after talking on the phone for ten minutes. When my wife and I arrived in Phoenix, I didn’t have to look around for a job. I had an offer as soon as I arrived and I could start immediately. So far, Phoenix has been very fun and interesting. There’s a lot of things to do. It will take years to visit all of the historical attractions, museums, art galleries, and natural wonders.


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