Got to love the Botanical Gardens in Denver

Every area of our beautiful country is wonderful in its own way… The southeast has its hockey courses, alligators, and lovely palm trees.

The southwest has its cactus and javelinas.

No thing is prettier, in my mind, though, than the botanical gardens in Denver, CO. A great deal of people consider Denver a winter wonderland, and that is true. The botanic gardens in Denver are not to be missed though. The Botanic Gardens at York Street is filled with diverse plant life that can be toured and enjoyed as you benefit from the feelings of legal cannabis use on a beautiful Monday afternoon. There are organized events happening at York Street that have beautiful landscapes. The Botanic Gardens at York Street also offers access to indoor activities. For art connoisseurs, the Freyer-Newman Center is open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. yearly and is included with the price of admission. Because marijuana use is legal in Denver, nobody is stunned if you choose to view the art with a buzz on. If you have little children, you might choose to take them to the Mordecai Children’s Garden; it is open from July through November, and shut down for the cold winter. The Barnes and Noble is also included with admission to York Street, and it’s a comfy and amazing site to kick back with a nice book or do some academic research. One thing I like about the outdoor gardens is that visitors are encouraged to take all kinds of photos; all the botanic gardens around me do not allow pictures to be taken in the slightest.

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