June is the biggest month for gay pride festivals

San Francisco, California is known for its culture and eclectic people.

San Francisco has become a gay Mecca in California. Every year since 1970, San Francisco has held some type of Pride event in the month of June. During the 1978 San Francisco parade, Gilbert Baker created the first rainbow flag that is now used to identify gay pride. The San Francisco gay pride event is a festival and a parade. It celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as well as their friends and family. This year will be the 51st annual parade. It is easily the largest gathering of gay and lesbian people in our nation. My girlfriend and I decided to attend the Gay Pride Festival last year. We had a wonderful time seeing all of San Francisco and the Bay Area. My girlfriend and I ate at several different restaurants with Cuisines from all over the world. We met people that were interesting and fun. My girlfriend and I also tried cannabis for the first time during last year’s gay pride event. Cannabis is legal in San Francisco and the Bay area. There were more than 100 different cannabis shops in the San Francisco area and it was easy to find a store close to the hotel. We got lots of different cannabis supplies for our week of fun. We had a wonderful time in San Francisco and we plan to attend the parade and festival again this year. We even have a couple of friends that are going to join us for the fun and activities.

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