Had an excellent dinner after going to the cannabis shop

I decided to transport to NM shortly after the very start of last year.

  • That is when NM decided to change the laws to allow recreational as well as medical cannabis.

There are a number of recreational as well as medical cannabis dispensaries in NM, and one of the greatest concentrations of recreational as well as medical cannabis dispensaries is in Albuquerque, the greatest sized city in the state… My friends as well as I ventured over to a cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque a couple of months back. When every one of us were done purchasing our legal weed, every one of us went to a cool vegan restaurant that one of my friends recommended. Albuquerque has all kinds of weird vegan as well as vegetarian restaurants, but the Mata G vegetarian kitchen is definitely one of my preferred places to eat. They serve tasty vegetarian food such as hummus, tofu, spicy tempeh, as well as beet salad. There is another spot in Albuquerque called the acre. This place offers beer, wine, as well as comfort vegetarian cuisine. A few of the dishes include nachos, cauliflower wings, as well as yellow corn pancakes. The place has a good amount of weird foods, but it is strictly vegetarian as well as a lovely place to eat. After dinner as well as marijuana popcorn, we were all ready to drive back home to our apartment. The food from Mata G didn’t actually sit well in my stomach that night… I got up as well as used the bathroom a good amount of times. I was covered in sweat profusely as well as I felt as well as I had a temperature. I genuinely thought I had food poisoning, but I felt better in the morning hours. I have not been back to that place since that experience.

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