I felt kind of sick after eating at one of my preferred eateries

I decided to transfer to NM not very long after the beginning of last year.

That is when NM changed the laws to permit recreational plus medical cannabis.

There are all types of recreational plus medical cannabis dispensaries in NM. One of the biggest concentrations of recreational plus medical cannabis dispensaries is in Albuquerque, the most sizable city in the state. My pal plus I went to a cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque not so long ago. When both of us were done purchasing our legal weed, both of us opted to go to a really nice vegan restaurant that my pal easily recommended. Albuquerque has numerous vegan plus vegetarian restaurants, however the Mata G vegetarian family room is a single of my favorite sites to eat. They serve some of the best vegetarian food such as hummus, tofu, spicy tempeh, plus beet salad. There is another great place in Albuquerque called the acre. This place sells beer, wine, plus comfort vegetarian foods. There are even a few dishes that include nachos, cauliflower wings, plus yellow corn pancakes. The place has a good amount of odd foods, however it is totally vegetarian plus a tasty place to eat. After supper plus a little bit of marijuana popcorn, both of us were prepared to drive back to our place. The food from Mata G didn’t sit nicely in my stomach. I actually got up plus used the bathroom through the night. I was dripping with sweat a great deal plus I felt basically like I had a temperature. I easily thought I had food poisoning or something, although I felt substantially better in the morning. I haven’t been back to that place after that horrible experience.

Medical Marijuana Albuquerque New Mexico