Marijuana prices seem way cheaper than they used to be

When I was a teenager residing in California, the prices to buy marijuana were terribly high.

It wasn’t legal medically or recreationally back then, however it was pretty straightforward to find marijuana almost anywhere.

When my friends and I went to the skate park, all of us consistently had access to pot. I left California when I was in my twenties and I did not return until a few years back. The price of recreational marijuana is honestly a great deal cheaper than the pot I was accessing in my teen years. It is also a great deal more potent. I moved to the bay section near San Francisco. I live directly outside of the city. I can access all of the beautiful evening life that San Francisco offers without much of the crowds and traffic. I work for a packaging and shipping corporation directly outside of San Francisco. It’s quite a bit cheaper to live close to work, despite the fact that I do care about going to the city to check out the zoo or the park or the bay bridge. All of these sites are actually wonderful for spending the day and walking. San Francisco has even more things to do than when I was a youngster. I appreciate spending the day on the water. The odor of the salt water is great and catching sight of a whale is a sign of fantastic luck. There are 100’s of lovely dining restaurants, deli’s, pubs, and bars around the section and several peculiar delicious cuisines to try. Chinatown has the best pork dumplings and calamari. I hardly ever get to go to Chinatown, however no trip is easily complete without trying the pork dumplings.

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