Mile-High fun!

Last Summer, our friends wanted to take me on a trip for our bachelor gathering before I got married… We wanted to go anywhere where the two of us could have a lot of fun separate from having to plan too rigorously.

  • We looked online at cities that seemed love they would fit our intentions, and the two of us decided on Denver Colorado, however the Denver airport was incredible, as soon as the two of us landed the two of us were overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful art from local artists, plus international artists.

The first stop the two of us made on the way to our AirBnb was at a cannabis dispensary. We spoke with the budtenders about our preferences, and decided to buy some THC edibles and some cannabis flower. The budtender reminded us that the altitude in Denver was over 5,000 feet, and that the two of us would need to adjust to the thinner oxygen, and no one in our group ended up feeling any kind of altitude sickness, but the two of us were careful to drink lots of water, which was delicious coming from the Rocky Mountains. That weekend was so much fun for me and all our friends, the two of us ended up going back to the dispensary several more times, because the two of us enjoyed the cannabis edibles so much. My number one were the cannabis gummies, they were shaped love 5 point stars, and each of us ate a point of the star and that was a sufficient dose of THC for each of us, separate from feeling love the two of us took too much at any point, and if you are getting married and are planning a bachelor trip, I highly suggest checking out Denver, Colorado.

Marijuana Dispensary Denver CO