My wife took me to the west coast for my birthday

My wife and I usually do something fun for my birthday, but I was surprised when she mentioned going to the West Coast this year.

  • Most of the time we go to the beach for a couple of days.

We had a lot of miles saved up on our credit card and my wife wanted to use them to go to San Francisco, California. I was surprised by the idea, but it sounded like a lot of fun. We called the travel agency and booked first class flights directly into the airport at San Francisco. As soon as we got off the plane, we started to see advertisements for cannabis dispensaries. Even in the airport, I saw several different cannabis dispensary advertisements. My wife made a joke about going to a cannabis dispensary since it was legal for recreational purposes. I didn’t think she was serious until she brought it up again when we checked into our hotel. She looked up several local cannabis shops and our hotel in San Francisco was only a couple of blocks away from one place. We went to the shop and purchased a couple of different items to try during our five-day stay in the bay area. My wife and I visited lots of different places in San Francisco and we had an amazing time on the Pacific coast. I absolutely understand why my wife loves the area and wants to move to the bay after we retire. The shoreline was beautiful, the weather was simply amazing, and everyone was friendly and nice. It’s the perfect place to spend our golden years.

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