Tarzana is where I want to be

I have lived in Tarzana for the majority of our life, then my family plus I moved here when I was more than one years ancient plus the people I was with and I never left.

My mom plus Mom moved here because cannabis was legalized in California.

My Mom was the employer of a legal cannabis farm plus our mom stayed loft with our sibling plus I, and when the people I was with and I were growing up, cannabis was a part of our family life. Both of our parents use cannabis in the house plus they told us that it was medicine! I never used cannabis until I was 18. My parents wanted myself and others to wait until I was an adult to make that decision. Since cannabis is legal for recreational use in California, it was truly easy to obtain a variety of strange cannabis products; The first time I ever used cannabis, I spent most of the night awake plus laughing. I study a whole magazine article about the neighborhood where I live. The magazine was informative. I l received that the name Tarzana comes from the name Tarzan. The author of the famous book series, Edgar Rice Burroughs, had a giant ranch in the part plus he named it Tarzana. The famous neighborhood outside of Los Angeles is still loft to the now deceased author. There are many Tarzana landmarks dedicated to the author plus namesake for the town; Until I study the article, I didn’t guess any of that information plus I have been living here for almost twenty years. They should teach some of that history in our geography classes or social studies.

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