The bay area is the perfect place to spend a day with the kids

I love taking the kids to fun and interesting places where they can learn about science, nature, technology, or the earth.

San Francisco, CA is one of the most amazing places to visit and even more fun if you live close.

My family and I live in the foothills near San Francisco and we love to visit the bay area as often as possible. One thing that the kids really love is the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA is a hands-on learning experience that involves science, art and technology. The kids have fun with the interactive exhibits and displays. The Observation Gallery is one of my favorite places. Of course, when my hubby and I go to the city without the kds, we hit the cannabis shop first. Cannabis in California is 100% legal for recreational purposes. You can easily get a medical cannabis card, so you can save on some of the dispensary taxes, but it certainly isn’t necessary. Every person can access recreational marijuana in California with a legal ID. It doesn’t even have to be a California ID. A trip to the city is much different when we have the night alone, but I also love taking the kids to visit their favorite places too. That is one reason why I love the San Francisco bay area. There are so many wonderful activities. It is impossible to see everything in one day or even one weekend. It’s not surprising that San Francisco is voted the place to live and visit in California year after year. We keep going back to see something new every time.
Medical Marijuana Shop San Fransisco CA