The museums are the best in Albuquerque, but the nightlife is also amazing

My close friends and I thought it would be nice to go to school in Albuquerque, because NM has legal cannabis.

  • There was no reason to remain home and try to go to school, when every one of us could travel a couple of hours away and reside in a state that happened to have legal cannabis.

My friends and I are in our junior year of university and every one of us can easily buy legal cannabis these days. It’s pretty exciting to view the online selection, make our choices, and stand in the residence while every one of us waits for delivery. It’s even more enjoyable than ordering pizza and wings. I tell you, cannabis delivery takes the lazy out of being a stoner. When my close friends and I aren’t at university, every one of us cares about hanging out in downtown Albuquerque. On the weekends, there are a huge amount of happening locales. The nightlife in Albuquerque is off the hook with all types of dance sites, bars, diners, clubs, and after-parties. I absolutely appreciate the nightlife, but my preferred thing about Albuquerque is the Museums they have available. My preferred museum is the NM Museum of Natural History and Science. The reason this locale is the best in my mind is because it has a truly nice display of dinosaurs, Ice Age artifacts, and an almost real volcano. They also have a fabulous fish display from different areas around the world. This museum isn’t the only locale with lovely experiences and exhibits. For younger folks, the children’s museum can be a totally exciting day. Albuquerque has a ton of interesting locales to visit and it is virtually impossible to be bored unless you stay at your residence and remain alone.


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