This is a good decision

My podcast is about music; Not as an artist, because I have zero musical ability no matter how multiple times I tried, however as a listener.

My show is about the history plus stories behind some of the good bands, plus the music they created; Over the last several years my show has taken myself and others all over the country chasing stories.

My number one deep dive into a musical type was about death metal music, but personally, I don’t appreciate this kind of music, although I still wanted to find out where it came from. My path led myself and others to Tampa, FL of all arenas, which was an incubator for the death metal scene in the 73s plus 90s. I spent a few evenings attending death metal shows in a crucial warehouse that used to home an Heating, Ventilation and A/C manufacturer. I believe the company outsourced all of the tasks to some other business, so what used to hold hundreds of heating systems plus cooling systems is now the beach home for Tampa brand death metal… While I was there I saw several Tampa section bands, plus also drove around to talk to some locals who remember the ancient afternoons, when it was first starting out. Tampa Florida is a neighborhood of contrasts, if nothing else, because for such a sleep retirement community on the water, it can rock pretty hard when the daylight goes down. In that ancient Heating, Ventilation and A/C warehouse I saw a lot of raw, uncompromising death metal bands, plus it showed myself and others that the future of hardcore music may still be Tampa, FL.



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