Driving to Tampa can be a long ride

My lady as well as myself had dinner last evening as well as the two of us felt it would be fantastic to have dinner at a new seafood restaurant.

The restaurant had amazing online reviews.

The two of us had a huge platter was scallops, crab, clams, shrimp, and fish. The two of us paid a whopping $95 for our meal plus we had several glasses of wine. When the two of us left after a nice dinner, we were extremely tired. The two of us had it right back to our home after the one hour drive back from the Tampa Bay Area restaurant. There was a three-car accident on the road and traffic to and from Tampa was insanely long. When the two of us came back to the house, we went right to bed after placing the leftover Seafood items in our refrigerator. The two of us got up in the morning and had to stop for gas on the way to work. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate my money clip. I searched the glove compartment in addition to the many places where it could fall. The two of us were unable to locate the debit card but the seafood restaurant was the last place where I used the card. I called them and they answered the phone on the first ring. The two of us had to drive back to Tampa Bay that morning before we could go to work and the traffic was even worse on the way there then it was the previous night when we thought it was a long

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