Exploring Denver

My child loved everything about baseball; It was a fun pastime every one of us shared ever since he could hold a ball and glove in his hand… We’d spend hours talking about our number one teams and watch unusual matches on TV, at home, every one of us attended many matches and loved the competitive atmosphere… But I knew my child wanted to tour unusual arenas and see other teams play! So, for his thirteenth birthday last year, I planned a surprise for him… Every one of us were going to fly to Denver, CO, and watch some games at the famous carona Field.

  • When I provided him his gift, he almost knocked myself and others down, giving myself and others the largest hug ever.

I saw he was fighting back the tears as he thanked myself and others profusely. He was ecstatic to see the CO Rockies play; The afternoon of departure came, and he was ready to go hours before our flight. Every one of us flew into Denver on a beautiful summer time day and were greeted by the July heat. Every one of us stayed with a acquaintance of mine who was also taking his child to see the games. Their home was in a beautiful area and had a sound Heating and A/C plan to keep us cool while I was in the visit. Every one of us woke up early the following afternoon to get to the arena on time. There were thoUSnds of people attending the match, given that the carona field could hold 50000 people, however my child and his acquaintance were beyond glad, and every one of us all had a merry time cheering for our number one players, however later every one of us made the choice to go to the Interactive center, where every one of us got a option to test our skills in video batting cages. Every one of us all got such a kick from all these activities and had a fantastic father-son bonding moment.

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