Football season in Denver got more interesting after I got some excellent seats

I’ve been playing football all my life. It was one of the sports that kept me out of trouble. We did not have much growing up, and mom was always working. This left me with a lot of time to get into trouble. Our school principal advised mom to encourage me to try out for the football team in high school. Once I was on the field, I felt different, and our coach helped me choose a different path. I later joined the University of Colorado, graduated with honors, and got a good job. My boss was a good team builder and always knew how to keep us motivated. He was more of a leader than a manager. Last spring, I succeeded in bringing in a new client with a top account. My reward included good seats at the Empower Field. This was the home tuf of the Denver Broncos, which is my favorite team formed back in 1960. Work had been crazy, and football took a back seat. But I was happy to attend the game and see my team play. I decided to take my teammate, who had made the account access possible. She lived on the outskirts of town, and I drove up to pick her. The day was quite hot, and I felt wonderful sitting in the car with air conditioning while waiting for her to gather her things. We planned to have lots of fun and go out dancing later on. When we got to the stadium, it took my breath away as it always did. Picture this: over 75000 fans chanting and cheering in one place. You’d have to be there to experience it, and we had some of the best seats in the place.
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