Hockey was never my favorite sport until now

Did you know that Tampa Bay has a professional ice hockey team. Many people in Tampa Bay don’t know this information. There is a lot of fans for the Tampa Bay ice hockey team. The two of us love the team but we’re not ice hockey fans until moving to the Florida town of Tampa Bay. It’s self-explanatory to get into some sports when people at job are really into the game. My co-workers discuss hockey half of the year. The two of us didn’t know very much about the sport but knew it was important to make a good impression in front of the colleagues. The two of us were talking about how much we love Tampa as well as the ice hockey team. The two of us were invited to go to a game. There was absolutely no way that we could say no to the proposition. The two of us went to the hockey game not knowing anything at all about the sport. It didn’t take more than one game before I was a large fan of professional hockey and the Tampa Bay team. Half of the year it is hot as well as humid, but the Tampa Bay Lightning arena is still cold with ice on the ground. I love to watch those people drive up and down the ice rink while trying to hit a small metal disc into a basket. Now it seems that not only am I a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but I know a little bit about each one of the teams in the sport.

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