Just when I thought I had problems

Ever since weed was legalized in the state of NM, I’ve been going to the dispensary every Friday after work, then the marijuana shop delivers, but I appreciate to look at the selection plus the specials.

They don’t always post the specials online, prices on medical plus recreational marijuana have dropped by thirty percent since weed was legalized for everyone last week, and for pot smokers appreciate our acquaintance plus I that is legitimately great news, but i work for a legitimately busy plumbing supplier in downtown Albuquerque, then everyday I work from 8am until the tasks are completed.

Occasionally the people I was with and I aren’t actually busy plus I might be done by 3pm. Other days, I am swamped with plumbing maintenance calls plus I don’t get apartment until 8pm; My girlfriend always finds this schedule to be impossible, because the people I was with and I cannot make any day plans ahead of time. I was working on a plumbing issue for a important steakhouse in downtown Albuquerque last Friday. I was finishing up plus thought I would be headed over to the dispensary before the ecstatic hour sale was over. I was excited to be done on a Friday before 6pm. I should have known better, right as I was pulling out of the parking garage, I got a call from our boss. There was a single more maintenance call on the schedule plus I was the first woman finished. I thought I would make it to the sale on time, but I was wrong. I had to settle for paying full price instead of saving 20% on the entire purchase.

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