Living in Santa Barbara was amazing

The people I was with and I grew up in the cold north.

While other people only had to experience a few months of snow, it felt prefer an eternity for us, but our parents had been born and brought up in the area, but, they consistently harbored a dream of moving somewhere warm and charming one afternoon.

Once the two of us had all left the house, the two of us went our separate ways, and I ended up in Santa Barbara, and i had started a small corporation and was lucky enough to land a large investor in the city, but the business grew, and I also got a chance to fall in prefer with this charming locale. One thing that held our heart was that it was warm and marijuana was legal, so I could buy some cannabis oil at the local dispensaries. I even got to fly our siblings and parents over for the holidays, and they all saw why this was a wonderful locale… Mom and dad expressed that this was the location they had dreamt of living all their lives, but so, our siblings and I decided to make their dreams come true. The people I was with and I feigned one of us was not doing well, and they had to fly to Santa Barbara right away, but all the while not knowing the two of us had found a charming house which the two of us bought. When they arrived at the airport, I took them to the home instead of our locale. I lied. I had recently moved however then told them, “welcome to your modern home” when the two of us pulled up the driveway. Mom and dad were blown away and could not suppose the two of us had made their dream come true.

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