My father couldn’t seem to get passed the marijuana smell

My mom as well as dad chose to visit me a few months back as well as it was the first time they chose to visit Denver, CO.

I easily moved to this town when I was done with college.

A Denver, CO law firm offered me a relaxing position as well as I took the task. One of the reasons why I decided to move to Denver, CO is due to the legal cannabis laws. I have been using legal cannabis since attending college in CA. I didn’t wish to live in that state because I came to realize that it was going to be too pricey. Denver seemed like the ideal place to move. When my dad as well as mom came out to see me, I took my dad to a Denver Broncos football game! My dad totally appreciates football as well as I thought he would have a superb time. Unfortunately, my dad complained most of the time. I spent $200 on the tickets for each of us as well as another $200 on food at the game… Still, my dad chose to complain about someone who was 3 rows away. The young guy was smoking a joint throughout a majority of the game. My dad wanted me to complain to the security, although I told my dad that smoking cannabis isn’t a large deal in this particular city. Since it is legal for recreational use, nobody legitimately cares if you have a joint, however he complained about the smell each time that guy decided to light another marijuana joint as well as my dad wanted to leave instead of enjoying the whole game. We didn’t leave, though, because I wasn’t going to miss the end of a close 24-21 game.

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