My mother couldn’t quit complaining through the football game

My parents came to visit me a few weeks back plus it was the first time they visited Denver, CO.

I honestly moved to this city when I was finished with college.

A Denver, CO law firm offered me an excellent position plus I took the task. One of the reasons why I made the choice to move to Denver, CO is due to the legal cannabis laws. I have been using legal cannabis since attending college in CA. I didn’t have the desire to live in that state because I knew it was going to be too extravagant. Denver seemed pretty much like the perfect locale to move! When my parents chose to visit, I took my mother to a Denver Broncos pigskin game. My dad absolutely prefers pigskin plus I thought she would have a fairly relaxing time! Unfortunately, my mother complained most of the time. I spent $200 on the tickets for each of us plus another $200 on food plus snacks at the game. Still, my mother complained about someone who was 3 rows away! The young girl was smoking a joint throughout most of the game. My mother honestly wanted me to complain to the security, however I told my mother that smoking cannabis isn’t a major deal in this city. Since it is legal for recreational use, nobody absolutely cares if you have a joint, and she complained about the smell every time that girl lit up a marijuana joint plus my mother wanted to leave by the third quarter instead of enjoying the whole game. We didn’t leave, though, because I wasn’t going to miss the end of a 24-21 game!

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