My son loves to visit Chinatown for the egg rolls

San Francisco has one of the largest concentrations of Asian people outside of the continent of Asia.

Chinatown in San Francisco is home to one of the largest populations.

Chinatown has been around for a while. Visiting the area in San Francisco is like taking a trip to another country. I love visiting all of the street vendors. The food tastes amazing and it feels like stepping into a time warp. My son loves to visit Chinatown for the egg rolls. There is one particular place near the temple that sells the most amazing egg rolls. They are freshly fried with local ingredients. The egg rolls come in pork, vegetable, and chicken flavors. Last weekend, my son talked me into driving for an hour so we could visit San Francisco and get some egg rolls from Chinatown. I wasn’t really in the mood to spend all day with the tourists, but I relaxed and enjoyed the day after smoking some legal cannabis. California is one of the only states that allows legal recreational cannabis use. Legal cannabis is the main reason why I moved to the San Francisco area after I got a divorce from my husband. I didn’t want him to be able to use pot smoking against me. If it is legal where I live, the judge cannot say anything. I love being close to the salty air and the city has a lot of great schools. It can be expensive to live in the bay area, but my ex husband pays all of the rent and utilities at our place.



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