Tampa was a lot warmer than I anticipated

The two of us are farm kids that lived on a potato as well as corn field. The two of us knew the only way we would ever leave the location was after school was over. The two of us knew University would require good grades as well as the two of us worked very hard and did not go to any parties. The two of us wanted to go to Tampa Bay after school and that meant good grades for college. The two of us were accepted to a Tampa Bay College as well as several different universities. Both of us were absolutely enthusiastic to get accepted to the Tampa University. Neither one of my parents wanted the two of us to actually move that far, but we had our sights set on leaving that place. The two of us only spent more than a few years in Tampa. The weather was hot in addition to humid as well as it was a lot worse than the weather in Missouri. Tampa weather is a lot weird as well as there is heat as well as humidity. I was constantly irritated every time I had to be outside. When I finally came back to the region, I was happy to be away from the extreme heat as well as humidity. The two of us didn’t realize how much we loved the region where we grew up until we were faced was living somewhere else for a certain amount of time. That was good practice for life.


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