The balls traveled like a hot knife through butter

We smoked it in the parking lot before we started golfing.

My friends and I went to Denver, Colorado for the weekend. We saw a very interesting video online and it made us want to travel to Denver. The video was a golfing amateur hitting a ball about 400 yards off the professional tee. He claimed that the ball would always travel farther due to the extreme elevation and altitude. My friends and I thought it was bogus and we were ready to prove that statement wrong. I had a couple of points on my credit card and I use them for a coach ticket to Denver, Colorado. My friends and I made reservations on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon to play golf at one of the premier places. We also made reservations on Sunday morning for a 6 a.m. tee time at the most expensive golfing resort in all of Denver. My friend Joey thought it might be fun to visit the cannabis shop before we went to the golf links. Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Colorado and it has been since 2012. I wasn’t exactly excited about smoking cannabis, but I wasn’t going to be the only person saying no. We stopped at a recreational dispensary to purchase a pre-rolled marijuana joint. We smoked it in the parking lot before we started golfing. I was ready for lunch before we hit the third hole. The marijuana joint made me hungry and thirsty. I ate three bags of chips from the golf store and 2 giant burgers after we were finished with the 18th hole. We had a pretty fun and exciting trip to Denver that weekend.

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