There were perks, to be sure

My wifey was so super unhappy when she found out that I was using medical marijuana.

I knew she was going to be extra miserable, although I hid it from her for six weeks.

I never told her that I went to the local doctor and I only bought edibles to use at home, when she found out that I was using any medical marijuana, every one of us had a particularly long discussion about our relationship future. All of us agreed that it was time to make some particularly big changes; Neither one of us seriously wanted to continue living 2 separate lives. My wifey was more frustrated that I already lied for six weeks than she was about the weed. All of us sold our new home and rapidly moved to the west coast. My wifey consistently wanted to live in CA and I thought it was going to be great because weed is totally legal in CA. The state has legal recreational and also medical marijuana and the prices are super cheap. My wifey and I sold our enormous new home in the suburbs and every one of us moved to a small beach house in San Francisco. It was strenuous to find a location in San Francisco. Thankfully every one of us had the help of 2 gifted and talented realtors. All of us had to rent a new home in San Jose for a year, before every one of us found the most perfect location for the 2 of us. The beach house is in the middle of the haight ashbury. Every one of us still paid the same amount of currency to secure the property. It is not super cheap to live in this area, but the views are spectacular.

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