Activities in Cocoa Florida

What’s to do in Cocoa Florida? Head off to the beach on a Saturday morning with just a towel and some sunscreen.

Enjoy the waves and the great outdoors.

Head off to a museum and learn something about science or history or the city itself. Take a drive over to the Orlando area and ride a coaster in one of the theme parks. The historic charm Cocoa can offer includes getting a great meal in a beautiful restaurant or shopping in a quaint little store. If you’ve been afraid of the beach ever since the Jaws movie, you can always go swimming in one of the public pools or take a swim in your backyard pool (or your friend’s). Do you like to be out on the links? Cocoa has a great Golf Course! If hitting a little tiny ball with a stick is not your kind of fun, there are other things you can do. Why not do some skateboarding? How about attaching the dog to a leash and heading off to one of the parks in town? Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that Cocoa Florida can get quite hot during the spring and summer months. Because of that, bring some water with you wherever you go, and also be sure to go inside where there is air conditioning. Just about every public building will have air conditioning, so no worries there. Also, make sure to keep your home AC in good condition. One of the many heating and cooling companies will be able to service your air conditioner at a moment’s notice so don’t worry about that. Just make sure you change your air filter and get your AC serviced regularly so that you are not left suffering in the heat while you are in Cocoa.

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