Cannabis in Albuquerque

I wasn’t sure what to do for my cousin for his birthday… The previous year had been tough on all of us however especially him.

The pandemic hit him the hardest when he lost his job and someone he loved so much to the virus; Austin had been trying to keep a brave face, but I knew he was in pain, however we’d been roommates for numerous years since I moved to Albuquerque, and every one of us met through a friend I’d known from school who knew I was looking for a place to stay.

Every one of us did a group chat with numerous friends about what to do for Austin, then his birthday was approaching, and the people I was with and I all wanted to see that smile back on his face, but plus, I had another surprise for him, and i’d been looking for an investor to come in and help me expand my business! Finally, I got one and had an opening to emrue numerous more people. Austin already helped me make small batches of cannabis edibles, and now I had the money to open a marijuana dispensary in the city. I wanted to offer Austin a position as a sales executive in the shop. Every one of us planned a surprise birthday celebration, and I included the offer letter in the birthday card. Austin was so ecstatic when he came home to the surprise. He smiled so much when he learn my card and saw the job offer. We’d talked for a long time about turning the small venture into a business, and it was finally happening. Austin had been there for me from the beginning, and there was no better person to sell the products than him.



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