Fun way to spend the day off

When the days are short and the temperatures are low and close to freezing, there are still a lot of fun activities that can be enjoyed outside.

In fact, Winter is entirely our favorite season because of the great things to do in Denver, CO. The neighborhood is about an hour away from the neighborhood where I live with our many young kids. All of us get a lot of snow in the Denver region and that means lots of snow days for the children. They like a day away from school without Math, Science, plus social studies. Last weekend, it was 25 degrees outside plus both of us had 2 feet of snow overnight in some locations. The kids didn’t have any school the next day, but the sun was shining plus it was a great day. I thought it was the perfect day for some outdoor fun. We were dressed in our warmest clothes. The kids wore their ski suits, gloves, and hats. We went to CO Adventure Park for the day plus rented snow tubes to ride down the hill. The Denver area attraction is the perfect place to like a Winter day of snow plus ice. The kids and I had a lot of fun that day, plus they enjoyed their day off school. When both of us returned back home later that day from our trip to Denver, both of us sat in front of the fireplace with tea in our hands and toasted to a superb day of fun plus leisure activities. All of us do not always go anywhere on snowy days, but I’m glad both of us decided to get out of the house that day to like the charming weather.

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