I always have fun in Denver

Her attitude is so positive, and she is ever jovial

Once in a while, I fly back to my parents’ house in Denver to see my Grandma, she had been the 1 left to take care of things after my parents died in a tragic accident a few years back, but i was already married and raising a family in a unusual neighborhood where I worked for a fortune many corporation as an executive… However, whenever I can, I make sure to visit my Grandma. She is still energetic and bubbly despite being 87 years old. I suppose I get my drive from her as she never seems to stop. I can count the number of times she has fallen ill as she takes excellent care of her health and body. She prefers to stay alone, unless with her family members. I never sad so much about her because she had fantastic neighbors who did not hesitate to tell me when some things were off. I like this 1 neighbor, Elsie. She is in her 50s and enjoys to call herself Granny’s police! Every time I visit, I bring her some cannabis because she enjoys having a puff or two every once in a while. It makes her cheerful, and that is all she ever wants in life. Her children also get her a nice supply from the cannabis dispensary nearby. It is strenuous to tell that she is terminally ill. Her attitude is so positive, and she is ever jovial. She uses cannabis to numb her pain, despite the fact that she likes to bake and share with all her neighbors most of the time, but ms. Elsie is a breath of fresh air, and I suppose she carries within her the spirit of the Denver people: to be kind no matter what is happening around them.


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