I enjoyed using cannabis in San Fran on my business trip

Every so often, our supplier sends me to San Francisco for a task seminar. I really like going to San Francisco for a couple of interesting reasons. First, I do not take the little ones or my husband on business trips and it is truly nice to have a bed to myself and no noise inside the night when I’m making an attempt to relax. Don’t get me wrong. I love my family a great deal, but multiple children can be a handful and I appreciate having the week away from all the chaos. It’s a pretty nice way to relax and unwind to be honest. I also prefer going to San Francisco because they have legal cannabis. I do not get to use cannabis at my own dwelling, because it isn’t accessible. If it was accessible, my husband and I would have a conversation about the dangers of using cannabis in the house… Since it isn’t legal at home, there is honestly no reason to argue with my guy about the dangers of smoking weed. He totally gets bent out of shape when I try to claim that cannabis is a medical plant instead of a dangerous street drug… While my co-workers and I were in San Francisco that certain week, I ordered a fair amount of odd cannabis supplies from a nearby dispensary… They brought the items right to our hotel. I didn’t even have to leave the room to get money at the ATM, because the delivery driver brought a component and swiped my credit card in a couple of minutes. I was able to enjoy being High the entire time I was in San Francisco, because of the loose recreational cannabis laws and super lenient supervision at the task seminar.

Recreational Marijuana San Fransisco