I thought San Francisco would be perfect for us

When I made the choice to take a job in San Francisco CA, I was thinking that my family and I would thrive in the region.

After all, what’s better than residing by the water? The job came with a significant raise in pay so all of us upgraded our lifestyle and bought a nicer car that was large.

The group of us also bought a household that was a little more high-priced than all of us could afford. That was a big complication, because now all of us can barely afford to pay for the house in San Francisco. I was laid off from my job and my wifey does not make enough cash to sustain our lifestyle. I looked for a job for a long while and I had to settle when the cash in our savings account started to dwindle. After a few weeks, I found a job working at a medical marijuana dispensary. Even as an employer, I barely earn six figures a year. I have to admit that I enjoy managing the medical marijuana dispensary and I would continue working in the dispensary if I did not have to fret about all of the bills. Sadly, my wifey is on top of me everyday, because she hates residing in San Francisco. She honestly does not like the weather or the salty air, and she easily detests not having any cash to prefer all of the attractive things that San Francisco has to offer. I definitely understand why she is so aggravated. I thought all of us were going to thrive in San Francisco. I definitely did not realize it was going to be the worst decision of our lives.


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