Needed a quick a/c repair

My wife plus I moved to CO a couple of weeks ago for work.

It was a big choice to transport to Denver and it took a lot of hard work plus energy to pack our entire home, but since moving to Denver, things have been super crazy busy.

It took a week to unpack all of our furniture plus boxes, because both of us had to go right to work as soon as both of us got there. We’ve been in CO for many weeks in the summertime. We expected cooler temperatures in the mile high city. I was surprised the first day that the temperatures reached 90°. Thankfully there is a low amount of moisture which makes the temperatures recognize cooler. A few weeks ago, my wife and I came back from work to a very hot apartment. The first problem that both of us encountered in Denver was an AC issue plus that was quite a surprise. The AC wasn’t blowing any cold air out of the vents and I had to find a repair service. I didn’t know if it would be difficult to find an AC repair service in the city plus I was surprised to find about 50 bizarre heating plus a/c companies. I was worried that both of us wouldn’t find anyone to repair the AC problem on the same day, even though I had plenty of companies to call. It only took an hour of waiting plus then the repair worker was there to do the repair. The issue was a minor repair plus the worker had the AC fixed in less than an hour.


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