The tire going flat spoiled our evening to some degree

My wifey and I moved our family to the state of California after recreational and medical marijuana were finally legalized.

Both my wifey and I use medical marijuana.

The prices in our state were outrageous, and moving to California saved us approximately $750 every month on the cost of our medical marijuana medication. My family and I simply cannot afford to live in San Francisco, but the bunch of us live about an hour east of the city. All of us are an hour outside of San Francisco. The place is still the perfect locale to spend the day, because San Francisco has some of the most enjoyable beaches and parks. My family and I regularly pack a picnic so we can enjoy lunch and dinner. It can be undoubtedly fancy to eat in the city. My wifey and I have 3 children and they are all terribly picky eaters. Honestly, if they don’t get chicken, macaroni and cheese, and French fries, then they are unhappy. Packing a picnic totally saves my wifey and I a fantastic deal of aggravation. My wifey and I decided to bring the kids to see a San Francisco locale known as The Wave organ. We easily spent all day at the beach and on the way back to our place, we got a flat tire. The spare tire was also low and we were stuck on the side of the road for the longest time. My wifey and I were thankful that the two of us brought some marijuana supplies, because the kids were terribly agitated and uncomfortable and the tow truck took roughly 3 hours to get to us. The following day the two of us fixed the flat and had the spare tire worked on by the professionals.

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