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When Jenny graduated from college, she soon discovered the task market was not what she thought it would be, the entry-level tasks available weren’t what she’d dreamt about when joining university. Jenny went to speak to her instructor about her struggle to find a task in her lake apartment city. Her instructor encouraged her to start with the entry-level tasks available, earn some experience and see what internal options to grow… She began in the mailroom of a crucial corporate company in the area… A year later, she had moved up to an office administrator for a single of the senior managers. That is where she caught her boss’s attention while in a staff meeting. There was an issue affecting productivity in the business, and Jessica offered a solution she never thought anyone would support. But the President of the company was quite impressed and asked to see Jenny a week later. They spoke in length about where she’d started and her goals in life. The corporate leader wanted to feel a lot about her, and she later found out why. She was offered a position as head of a current office opening in Albuquerque, NM. Her instructor had been right. Taking the entry-level position and working in the mailroom was how she got her foot into the door. Jenny read up on her current lake apartment and l earned weed was legal there. She liked using CBD oil, so she identified several weed dispensaries she’d visit once settled; It took a week to find a place to live in the section and transfer her things from her small apartment. Her first week in Albuquerque was spent exploring before she started work.


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