Girls trip in a different area and time of year

I wore a light jacket and kept our hotel heater at a moderate temperature

Every year my friends and I go to Chicago on a girls trip. We love to go shopping in the city and then see a show at the theater. We drink at the local bars and get sloppy drunk. It just is a shell game on what weekend all of us choose. Everybody has a busy life and lots going on. This year was a little different. First, finding accommodations in the city was tough. So I ended up booking us a place in Orland Park which actually was nice. Orland Park has its own mall, parks, bars and restaurants. There was plenty of stuff to do. When we wanted to go into the city, it was only a 40 minute car ride there. The girls and I only ended up doing that one time. It was way more fun being in a slower paced area and seeing more nature like sites than the city. It also was way quieter sleeping at night and less expensive there. Another weird thing was the time of year the girls and I went. I realized that our group typically comes to Illinois during the summer. I remember days of 80 degrees and just sweating to death carrying my shopping bags. The girls and I ended up booking our trip in April and that was perfect. It was in the mid 50s everyday which was perfect. I wore a light jacket and kept our hotel heater at a moderate temperature. It was a change from sweating to death and was way more enjoyable.

heating Orland Park Illinois