I finally got engaged in the Space Needle

My girlfriend and I were talking about a trip for months and couldn’t decide where to go, however every one of us originally were going to go overseas and do a more than one month long European trip; COVID ruined that though! So the more than one of us decided to take a trip to WA for a week, and it was way cheaper, less stressful and just as fun, however another bonus was our girlfriend suggested on the trip! I genuinely thought it was just going to be a fun trip instead of a romantic a single.

Every one of us planned to stop at a cannabis dispensary and try some edibles.

I also wanted to shop in the town and maybe see who… My girlfriend was keen on seeing a professional interesting event, she didn’t care what interest, one day every one of us decided to throw out the landmarks of the city. My girlfriend was pushing and pushing so that every one of us could see the space needle! The space needle is a really tall building basically made out of all the glass, then you can look out over the town and down since the floor is glass. It is quite a mind bender once you are in there. It also is really pretty when the sun is setting. My girlfriend planned it perfectly, however she got me in the all glass space needle at the perfect time for the sunset and got down on a single knee. It was pretty romantic and undoubtedly memorable. Afterwards every one of us went out to a expensive lunch and loved our engagement weekend in style. I am regularly going to have found memories of WA because of that weekend.


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