I wanted better heating than what I had.

The first year of college was supposed to be fun, but I didn’t like it. I had planned on living full-time with my grandparents, but I had to live in the dorm the first year. I spent every weekend with my grandparents, and my parents joined us for the holidays. I just couldn’t get used to the college dorms. I think some of it had to do with the lack of good heating. When the dorm mom asked me why I wasn’t happy, I told her. I grew up in the deep south and I wasn’t used to cold weather. I had only chosen to go to the college in Glenville, IL because I would be close to my grandparents, who lived only a mile away. They had excellent heating in their apartment. Here, all I did was shiver all the time, and I couldn’t get any rest. She checked the heating system in my dorm room and said she would call the HVAc company to have them check it out. In the meantime, she gave me a pass so I could spend the rest of the week at my grandparents, but I had to check in with her once a day. I guess this was just so she knew I was in school. I happily went back and forth to my grandparents; silently hoping that I could do this everyday and not go back to the dorm. We had a horrible snow storm one night. I laughed thinking about a snow day. Back home, we only had days off because of hurricanes. Glenville, IL has actual snow days, which made me happy.

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