My bestie hid our ski boots so I had to stay home

My bestie didn’t want myself and others to go skiing with our friends last weekend; She wanted myself and others to stay home so both of us could talk about our relationship, and we’ve been having a lot of problems lately and I just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours, but the two of us talked every single night for hours and both of us didn’t get anywhere! I didn’t want to stay another night under those conditions, so I agreed to go skiing with our friends, and my bestie went deranged when she found out that I was going to Denver for the afternoon. I tried to tell her that both of us needed a couple of hours apart, and I recommended she call some friends and spend the afternoon in the neighborhood too, denver has lots of fun things I enjoy like shopping, Museums, Art Galleries, and tourist areas. My bestie didn’t care about our suggestion and she begged myself and others to stay home instead of going to Denver with our friends. It was entirely frigid outside and she recommended both of us light a fire in the fireplace and stay indoors. I still declined and I started getting ready for our afternoon in Denver with our friends. When I was getting ready to leave, I went to the closet to grab our ski boots. I didn’t see them anywhere. I knew they were in the closet earlier that afternoon, however our bestie moved them so I would not be able to go to the ski resort. I wasn’t planning to stay home with her and light a fire in the fireplace so both of us could spend 3 more hours talking about the same thing.


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