Shopping in Santa Barbara is fun

I found CBD bath products that I am excited to try

My girls plus I take a trip every year plus visit a new mall, however we love shopping in new cities, staying for a few days plus having a good time… Our girls’ trips can get pretty wild. We have been to New York City, Chicago plus the Mall of America in Minnesota… This year the girls plus I are going to Santa Barbara, however it won’t be the biggest shopping center every one of us have been to, however it will be particular , santa Barbara is in California plus the Paseo Nuevo shopping center is an open air mall with all our favorite stores plus is right in the heart of the city. There are tons of side streets in the city that offer shopping too appreciate La Arcada, Arlington Plaza, plus De La Guerra Plaza. There will be enough for us. The girls plus I are all giant wine fans too. I found wine tours, wineries plus oodles of tasting rooms for us to check out as well. Another pro to the section is legal marijuana too. Our state only offers medical cannabis plus none of us were willing to get cards. I am excited by the idea of stopping in a legal cannabis dispensary. They have edibles, oils plus flower products. I believe some of the girls want to smoke through a traditional bong or bowl. My 1 friend is more anxious about the edibles. I found CBD bath products that I am excited to try. I guess our trip is going to be the best 1 yet. Our hotel even has a large spa that all of us can enjoy.


Recreational Marijuana Santa Barbara California