The Broncos won during my first year of school

One of the reasons why I decided to attend school in Denver is because I have always been a fan of the Denver Broncos football team.

  • My dad lived in Denver his whole life and he grew up seeing John Elway play football.

My dad had Denver Broncos memorabilia all over the garage and he always dressed in Orange on Gameday! When I told my dad that I was going to attend school in Denver, he was absolutely happy and told me to see a game while I was there. My first year attending school, I had a class with one of the football players son! He went to the same school and was in my economics class. Every one of us sat next to each other and diagnosed a paper during the first month of school! At the time, I didn’t know who he was or who he was related to. When he asked if I wanted to join him for the Broncos game, I said yup. While the two of us were on our way to the game, I found out that his dad was one of the players for the team. Every one of us sat in the Press Box above the 50-yard line and the two of us had a great view of the game. Every one of us were in an air-conditioned booth, and the temperature inside the room was 75 degrees. Every one of us had unlimited pop, coffee, juice, and lots of odd finger foods and popcorn. A lot of people were outside the booth dripping with sweat in the heat and enjoying expensive tepid cats and beer, however my buddy and I were easily comfortable seeing the game from upstairs.


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