The cannabis industry

After CA legalized recreational marijuana, I moved to San Francisco to toil in the cannabis industry.

I thought it would be a lot of fun to toil in the Cannabis industry and I was right.

I moved to the town about multiple weeks after the laws were changed. I went to high school with a girl that was living in an house right outside of San Francisco. I agreed to split the rent and utilities for a spot on the couch. The house was small, however it’s all she could afford since she was living so close to San Francisco. I found a task at a cannabis dispensary a few days after I arrived. It particularly did not take too much toil to find a task. Since I did not have a criminal record or anything on our background, nothing kept myself and others from working in the dispensary. I worked as a budtender for multiple weeks and then the director promoted myself and others to a shift leader, a few weeks later, I was promoted to assistant director, and when the director finally moved to a unusual position in the company, I took over that task. I gain a good living and I also have retirement benefits, medical, and dental. I gain paid getaway time and I receive a immense discount on all of the recreational and medical marijuana supplies that I use, then most items are 40% off the retail price. Moving to San Francisco was a good idea. A lot of people can’t make it work, although I was lucky and had a little help from our friends.

Cannabis Dispensary San Fransisco California