The game was delayed because of rain that was needed(heat)

It has been extremely hot and humid this week.

It’s always really hot and humid in the Tampa Bay area, but it has been on regularly.

One of the biggest reasons is due to the lack of rain. Even though it is hurricane season right now, it hasn’t rained in nearly two weeks. I went to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game with a couple of friends of mine. We were in the third inning of the game and everyone in the stands was uncomfortable. There’s no air conditioning at the baseball game and the seats are often uncomfortable because of the heat and humidity. I had a hot dog in a cold beer, but without air conditioning I was still miserable. When it started raining, the game was delayed. A lot of people were upset about the rain delay, but it honestly cooled the place down significantly. It rained for 30 minutes and the temperature in Tampa dropped by 10 degrees. When the game resumed, everyone in the Tampa Bay lineup looked refreshed and ready to hit a home run. It was a tie game when the lightning and rain began and after six more Innings, Tampa Bay was up 9-3 and in the prime position to head to the playoffs.

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