Traveling cheap to San Fransisco

My partner really hates hockey, so I was really surprised when he surprised myself and others with a hockey weekend as well as vacation in San Francisco California.

I really didn’t believe he would have a lot of fun.

I was even more surprised when I found out that he wasn’t going to accompany myself and others to San Francisco, then he arranged for my best neighbor to go. She knew the several of us would have more fun, brandon as well as I anxiously waited for the weekend to arrive. The people I was with and I were ready to grab our flight as well as arrived at the airport almost an hour early. The flight to San Francisco, California was several hours long. There was no turbulence or complications in the air as well as every one of us arrived 20 sixths ahead of schedule; Our beachside hockey resort was fantastic. The people I was with and I had room service, spa services, as well as hockey lessons with a pro in the day. My partner set everything up as well as he didn’t miss anything at all. Brandon as well as I went to the club beach house for breakfast. While every one of us were eating, every one of us looked at the flyers in the books on the table. One of the flyers was from a recreational as well as medical marijuana dispensary. The medical as well as recreational dispensary delivered to the hockey course. My buddies as well as I didn’t believe it was possible to get marijuana delivered to our hockey game, however every one of us were surprised. The San Francisco cannabis company brought pre-rolled marijuana joints right to the hockey course as well as all the way out to the 7th hole where every one of us were currently playing. That birthday weekend was a single to remember.



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